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by - August 05, 2013

It's my truest confession that I am a woman who has a love affair with bags. I just can't get enough of them. They overflow on my bag rack and sometimes I have the ones I'm currently using on the floor or my study table. But to be fair, I use them all and love them all. :) But we have to admit that the urge of buying is sometimes brought about by the thought of finding the perfect one, because nowadays, most people need bags that are convenient, sturdy, we can use any time; especially now that eco-friendly shopping is a must at stores, and of course, as an added bonus, has a cute design. 

 photo IMG_0968_zps0d6554a8.jpg
bags, bags, bags! where to begin???

Without any bias, I found a brand last Friday that carries bags that truly amazed me! That brand is none other than, Parachute Bags. Given the fact that their bag designs are already cute, it was awesome that they offered more than just that. 

 photo IMG_0985_zps3690b654.jpg
 photo IMG_0987_zps333cbfe6.jpg
Yummy food at Wood Fire Bistro :)
 photo IMG_0992_zpsbe3933e3.jpg
I'm currently craving for this dessert! Wish I knew what it's called.

Friends from different social media platforms gathered that day at Wood Fire Bistro at Rockwell for a night of good food, fun company and awesome bags!

 photo IMG_0990_zpsd9baded6.jpg
Paul, Me, Alex, Alyssa, Tin, Tracy, Arnie Ana :)
 photo IMG_0991_zps324c504c.jpg
Sarah with her camo print bag :)

Parachute was launched in November of last year and I know I first saw their stuff at Rustan's children's department and Market Market and another honest confession, I never really got the chance to probe their products well to know what they really had to offer. But I'm happy I got this chance to know more about them. Sympre naman the Artsy Fartsy in me got excited!! :)

 photo pb_zpsb0dbc7d8.jpg
Arnie with her "empanada" pouch turned backpack!
 photo pb3_zps7729224e.jpg
Nifty clever bags, indeed!!

Why are they called Parachute Bags? Well, each bag can be converted from one style to another. Perfect for traveling or shopping, it looks like a simple pouch at first; you can put it in your luggage or handbags itself and when it's time to use, open it up and you've got an extra carry-on!:) 

I'm familiar with reversible bags, mind you, but this one just takes the cake! The prints are adorable and they actually turn into a whole new bag and not just the print.

Parachute supports and channels the spirit of eco-friendly shopping. Parachute uses eye-catching shapes and colours, featuring bold characters, strong prints, and lightweight material. Keeping their busy customers in mind, Parachute bags are portable and at the same time, stylish.

 photo pb1_zps25cebf83.jpg
My pencil case, tissue bag, key wallet pouch and mommy/nursery bag :)
From that tiny pouch on the left, I can convert it into a big bag!

Like I said above, the bags are truly amazing! I can't imagine being able to convert a backpack into a tote bag or a messenger bag turning to a backpack! It's the coolest thing ever! But of course, they also offer bags that you can just tuck-in into a pouch and take it out whenever you need an extra bag. That's what mine does; see the little pouch with cute carnival prints, then when you pop it open, you have a big Mommy bag to carry around. Two personalities rolled into one!^_^

The brand offers different bag designs for all walks of life. May you be a student, child/kid, mommy and even men have something to look forward to when it comes to Parachute bags. :)

You now have more options when it comes to the design of your shopping bags. No more plain, boring totes at the market and you can start lessening the paper bags. More more Parachute bags na lang!;) *excuse to buy a new bag ;)* hehehe!
 photo pb4_zps163c1e93.jpg
Some of their products: classic backpack, empanada backpack, hamburger backpack,
nursery bag, shopping bag, hobo bag, camera pouch, organizer bag & pencil case
 photo pb5_zps6ff23732.jpg
shopping bag, two compartment pouch & wristlet bag

The average retail price for the bags are as follows: messenger bags (Php 1000), travel bags ( Php 700), shopping totes (Php 300), backpacks (Php 200), tissue pouches (Php 100), cosmetic bags (Php 90), pencil cases (Php 80).

You may find them at: Ayala 3 Malls Market Market - the Fort, Landmark Department Stores - Makati and Trinoma, Rustan's Children's Department,  Abreza Mall in Davao and Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro. Coming Soon in Gaisano Metro Ayala Cebu and Ayala Market Market and selected Robinson's Department Stores.

Thank you, Parachute bags for this new cool discovery that truly needs to be shared to everyone! Had a great time!:)

Get your own nifty bag! Just visit their FB page for updates!


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  1. ang galing naman nito!

  2. I saw these at Zalora while I was online shopping. I was torned between this and a new pair of flats and I chose the flats :/ But would want to purchase my own soon! Una-unahan lang kung anong mabili. Haha! :D


  3. WEEE ♥ Fun fun fun times with the blogkada! Love you guys! Babeee I'll grab our group photo if you don't mind ha? :)

  4. WOW! :)

    Feel free to viist and follow :)

  5. That's a genuius idea! Usually, bags like that are unattractive and ugly, but those are actually cute. And, it looks like you had a great time!


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