Silver lining

by - August 03, 2013

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In the common-english language, the term "Silver Lining" is a metaphor for optimism; "Every Cloud has a silver lining." These days, that's the best thing that I can do. No matter how much pressure or sadness that fills my day or even any family or friend of mine, for that matter, I want to be able to help them feel a bit more brighter. Even if I just get a smile. Everyone needs someone to be there for them, so let's try to give a little help through our positive attitudes. :)

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Speaking of positivity and brighter, I wore this watercolour inspired outfit to an event and paired it with my literal "silver lining" flats from LeBunny Bleu. Such a standout and happy looking sandals, don't you think?^_^ I love it to bits!

 photo IMG_0969_zpsd249f64f.jpg

top: romwe
pants: american eagle
sandals: lebunny bleu
necklace: sm accessories
bag: suiteblanco

Today was extremely traffic! I had an event and meeting and it was such a drag getting to both! Good thing, the radio had awesome 90s tunes to keep me up! Hopefully tomorrow the roads will be clearer!

Happy Weekday, everyone!


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  1. Love you!!! ♥ No sweat in taking your outfit photos talaga! Haha see you again soon, babe!

  2. Yep, dapat tlga always positive. :) Love listening to 90s tunes during the weekends lalo na habang nasa daan. :)

  3. thank you, babe for your never ending patience in taking my OTD! hehe love you!!


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