A day at Manila Sundance Bazaar

by - September 08, 2013

So today is Sunday and that officially marks the last day of the Manila Sundance Bazaar. I'm so happy I was able to go yesterday despite the heavy rain. I was actually driving to Metrotent with the Hubby when it decided to rain like cats and dogs! We even got stuck in traffic for an hour and cars only moved a few inches after every 10 minutes. That bad. -_- But I think the Sun God took pity on me and decided to shine once more (SUN-dance raw kasi... get it?? Corny I know!! I kid I kid!! Lol!=P) and yes! I was able to enjoy half of my day at MSB!^_^

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-08at24042AM_zpscbfa37b1.png

There were so many booths at MSB that you wouldn't know where to start. It's like going through a maze, but you surely know that you're going to walk out with awesome stuff in the end and the entrance fee is only Php 50! Definitely worth it. :)

 photo IMG_8539_zps2fd59b31.jpg
 photo IMG_8540_zps2e4869b1.jpg

The first booth I visited was SugarPlum Lifestyle. They sell bath and body products, aroma therapy products, home fragrances, gift sets and of course, the cutest items I have ever seen!!^_^ I have a thing for macarons and seeing them as novelties or jewellery containers and ear caps just totally got me sold! I wanted to have everything. But that's really pocket-friendly, so I bought what tickled my fancy the most. Can you guess what?=P

Before I went to my next stop, I bumped into a few blogger and seller friends there!:) I believe that's the best part about shopping at bazaars. You should always have friends with you!

 photo bazaar_zps271f687d.jpg

Nice seeing you again, girls; Arnie, Megann, Evan, Dani, Denise and Bella!:) Had a great time!

The next booth I went to visit was my good friend, Evan's!:) She's the brainchild of Indie-Go Boutique and she has really nice clothes! *hint* Karylle Tatlonghari, Maja Salvador and Solenn wears her clothes!;)

 photo IMG_8543_zps957ca0a0.jpg

If you're the girly type, then you'll definitely find cute rompers and dresses here. As an added bonus, they're even on SALE! :)

And next, what girl in her right senses can resist arm candies, right?? I sure can't!:)

 photo IMG_8545_zps8e511861.jpg
 photo IMG_8547_zpsf30085f5.jpg

I stopped by to see the lovely set of bracelets over at Shopaholic & Hubby. I certainly loved their Chinese charmed bracelets. Got two! But I think for Php 200, you can get 3. ^_^ Oh and because the shop's name is Shopaholic & HUBBY, they also cater to some stuff for men. So don't fret, guys! This bazaar isn't only for girls. :)

Since this bazaar's name sorta reminds me of being free-spirited or Coachella, I think it's but right that I drop by Flaura Tiara to get myself a floral wreath!

 photo IMG_8548_zps30ae8e93.jpg
 photo IMG_8549_zpscba58843.jpg
 photo IMG_8552_zps9700e13c.jpg

One of the prettiest booths at MSB for me and they make all their flower tiaras by hand!:) Even saw them as a family working on it awhile ago. Makes it even more special. ^_^ Thank you, Belle and Vibeth for my very own Flaura Tiara! BTW, stocks are running out fast, so be sure to catch them!

Another booth stop for me was Paradise Treats. This is actually one of the brands that I was looking forward to seeing at MSB. They have clothes that definitely match my colourful and dainty peg. :) Also, their cut-out tops are the love! Perfect for the heat nowadays! 

 photo IMG_8557_zps21bd87dd.jpg
 photo IMG_8555_zps71d4a2d6.jpg

Reason why i was looking forward to seeing Paradise Treats was because I wanted to meet the lady behind it; Patricia!:) Thank you so much for always being so nice! Happy I finally got the chance to meet you in person. Oh! Karylle also wore something for P.T. before!:) 

 photo IMG_8558_zps935e25e9.jpg
Nudo Swimwear
 photo IMG_8559_zps595c368f.jpg
Tutum Shoes
 photo IMG_8553_zps3e63a4cc.jpg
Twinkle Toes

Known swimsuit brand- Nudo Swimwear and footwear brand- Tutum Shoes were there too. A lot of people kept going to their booth. :) For mommies who have little girls, it's high time to be matchy-matchy with your baby girls over at Tutum!^_^

I also encountered a shoe brand called Twinkle Toes with the coolest flats. It has interchangeable straps and you can just mix and match them. How awesome, right?? I want!:((

And save the best for last...

 photo IMG_8562_zps44ab24e6.jpg
Simone's Closet
 photo IMG_8563_zps281e295f.jpg
Les' Moda

More more more accessories from Simone's Closet and Les' Moda. :) If you're into fabric accessories that will make a statement or looking dainty pieces, be sure to visit both stores!:) I've got my eyes on quite a few things there! Heee!:") 

 photo 1229892_10153198813815442_894019618_n_zpsb0ceb8fa.jpg
With my loves, Kelly and Christine :) Visit Crave More's booth at MSB!
 photo 218f544c17b711e383f522000a1f9016_7_zps08ae8718.jpg

That caps off my Manila Sundance Bazaar experience!:) I had so much fun! Thank you to the wonderful friends and sellers I got to meet yesterday. You were all so sweet! I feel grateful to have met you, guys!

I know this post is lengthy, but believe me, the booths I visited is not even half of the brands that are present at MSB. There's more to see if you go there yourself, so I suggest you do! It's the last day and opens from 11:00 AM-10:00 PM at Metrotent, Ortigas. :) Shop for some early Christmas presents!


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  1. LOVE YOU!!! Great seeing you. Grabe di tayo nakapag-chika, huhu. NEXT TIME NEXT TIME NEXT TIME!!! ♥

  2. the twinkle toes sandals definitely caught my attention!!! i love the concept!!! thanks for sharing, ava! :)

  3. I know! SOrry super late na dumating!!:( But at least we saw each other!!:) More bonding next time!!

  4. That first shop has the cutest things ever!
    Love the photos :)


  5. This reminds me that I haven't been to a bazaar this quarter, I think. Geez, I've been so busy, I need shopping therapy soon. xD


  6. Super nice to finally see you again, twin! 'Di ko na ata nasabi but very love ko yung cotton candy colors mo that day :) And yung SugarPlum Lifestyle talaga very you eh noh? Kakatuwa! :)

    xx Megann, Style Surgery

  7. thanks for dropping by ava!!!:) thanks for also featuring Simone's Closet :))


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