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by - September 06, 2013

So my day was pretty packed today. First I fetched Athan from school, then took him home and after awhile, I myself had to rush to my own school to fix my enlistment and finalize my schedule for the upcoming term. I mostly spent my whole day there; 4 hours to be exact. But despite the long line I was happy I got to accomplish what I needed to do and I'm satisfied with my new schedule. As soon as I was done at Taft, I then headed over to Glorietta to meet up with Tracy, so we could go together to Sofitel Manila with Beb Ana for The Hola! Philippines Magazine launch. Whew! Packed, right? But productive, so I can say that it was a good day. :)

 photo IMG_8489_zps9c6612a4.jpg
 photo IMG_8493_zpsf40c6a92.jpg

I know some people might find that being too busy is a bad thing. May that be true, I also believe that being too idle can cause you to mope around or sometimes depression. Plus, I thank God for the good kind of productiveness. It gets me pumped up and more optimistic about things to come. :)

 photo IMG_8502_zps3534d8f5.jpg
 photo IMG_8505_zps97580f1a.jpg

And speaking of being productive or time in general, I recently finished reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I've read all his books and I always enjoy highlighting my favourite quotes in the book. Here are a few that I learned from The Time Keeper...

"Holding on to things will only break your heart..."

"Remember this always: There is a reason why God limits man's days; To make each one precious."

"We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes, we forget what we have."

"Ends are yesterdays, not tomorrows."

"With endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can't appreciate what we have."

"When you are measuring life, you are not living it."

 photo IMG_8492_zpsff0d0b56.jpg
 photo IMG_8498_zps291988cd.jpg

top: mango
skirt: ensembles
shoes: nine west

Those are just a few that stuck to me. I loved the book. Well, I'm personally biased when it comes to Mitch Albom, because he's one of my favourite authors. =P But if you've read some of his books, you'd know why. :)

Hope your day was filled with productivity as well! Weekend is almost here! Don't forget, Manila Sundance Bazaar starts tomorrow!!:) Excited to go shopping!

Thanks to Beb Ana and Tracy for the photos!:-* 


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  1. So pretty Ava!!! :D You look like a korean here! So stunning!!!! <3

  2. Panalo talaga the photos hihi! And yea for me ok ang busy!:) gusto ko mabasa the albom book na talaga :) thanks again kanina beb!!!

  3. You're just one of those girls who won't get fat no matter what. Wow, look at you! Mother of two and still looks like that popular pretty highschool girl everyone secretly wants to take down. You're probably gonna still look like that 15 years down the road.

  4. Super busy mo nga, Twin! I'd love to get back to attending events din as often as I used to, but my day job keeps me away :( Sayang. Would love to bump into you though this weekend sa Manila Sundance Bazaar :) Also, loving this look! Very class talaga :)

    Megann, Style Surgery

  5. I love your top and necklace! <3

  6. Love love love your look! I have a penchant for black, white and leopard!
    Napaka CLASSY ang dating mo dear :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  7. I'm lovin your outfit MS. Ava

  8. love your outfit here so classy chic!!!

  9. NIce shots! I've been addicted to being busy these days. I'm going back to school na din, so weeee! :)

  10. Awww thank you so much, Jesse! Such a sweet comment. But I hope no one wants to take me down! hahaha!:)) Medyo scary! Thank you! Hope you can leave a link next time so I can visit you!

  11. Ganda ng cam mo, beb!! winner!!:) thank you!

  12. Aww thanks, Rhea! A lot of people say I look korean. I should change my nationality! haha :))

  13. Thank you, twin! Yes, I miss seeing you at events too!:(( But, I'm sure if I start working in the future, ganun din yun. Inevitable. See you tom!!:) I'm going!

  14. Thank you!! Congrats on that!:) Good luck with school!

  15. Beeeeeb you're super blooming here!!! :) Favorite photos of yours so far ♥ Ganda!!

  16. you look absolutely beautiful in the photos! I love the sophisticated feel of your look! :)

  17. you look absolutely beautiful in the photos! I love the sophisticated feel of this look :)


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