Back to basics with Thread 365

by - October 13, 2013

When it comes to events, I feel like I've been hustling to each one lately because of how close the time are to each other. Nevertheless, I am still grateful for them and I would like to hustle than do nothing at all. ;)

Speaking of Hustle, after the full of positive energy-Alex and Ani event, Beb Ana and I immediately went to Pasong Tamo for another event called, Thread 365 and this was another launch that I didn't want to miss out on, because for one, I wanted to support our good friend and PR of the event, Niche , to see the exhibit that also has photos of our blog friends and of course to know why a lot of people are talking about it. :)

 photo IMG_2134_zpsb26304a4.jpg
 photo IMG_2139_zpsf82e7673.jpg
 photo thread365_zpsbf571b93.jpg

Our super gwapito blog friends who modelled for the Thread 365 exhibit; Seph, Paul and Ira. ^_^

Thread 365 is a brand that was born out of a desire to create classic pieces that endure seasons and trends. It's the kind of brand that allows you to explore your and encourage your own sense of style. 

Made primarily from cotton, it's for individuals who value quality and comfort at the same time. It's certainly not the type of basics that after washing twice you see it tear or rip. Thread 365 is a cut above the rest.

 photo IMG_2148_zpsf0354e0f.jpg
 photo IMG_2143_zps4d3565fa.jpg
 photo IMG_2142_zpsf09fbcce.jpg

Basic tees is a must-have in everyones closet. You can never go wrong with basics. You can pair it with anything, style it in any way you like and even go over over with accessories, because of its simplicity. Tees you can wear so often that you will lose count. :)

 photo IMG_2149_zps60e77cf8.jpg
 photo IMG_2146_zps9c8a409c.jpg
 photo thread2_zps1180960c.jpg

I saw so many different styles of tees that day that it was quite confusing which one to get. If only I could get them in all colors I would!:)) Oh and I also like the men's collection. =P

I walked out of the Thread 365 launch happy with my friends, because I know for a fact that I have new basic tees to overuse and abuse. haha!=P I got two and I'll be showing you all soon how I styled it and how I will be styling it in the future. =P Yes, I repeat clothes a lot! Don't judge meeee!! Feel good lang!

 photo thread3_zpsa2055215.jpg

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