Hanging Up

by - October 13, 2013

 photo DSC_9905_zps169c6a30.jpg
 photo DSC_9909_zpsba6c5fae.jpg
 photo DSC_9907_zps7c28ff25.jpg
 photo DSC_9906_zps0dd013ed.jpg
*Thanks Tracy for the photos!*

top: thread 365
trousers: mango
heels: suiteblanco

Wore this to two events that I attended last week and It's actually my first time to sport a long white sleeves top. Verdict? I love it! It reminds me so much of Meg Ryan in her movie Hanging Up. Her style there was all about comfort and she wore mostly long sleeved tops, long skirts and wide legged pants. I know she has slightly longer hair than me, but I think i'll add her to my fashion list or pegs. ;)

I'm contemplating now if I should get more long sleeved tops from Thread 365, in other colours, of course. Shall I? Hmm...

Anyhoo, in other news, I am starting to get used to my new hair length. ^_^ There are still times though at night when I would feel the need to take off my hair tie, because I feel my hair is tied up or something, then only to have a quick realization that I have nothing to tie up in the first place! haha!=P But I'm really happy I cut my hair. I thought it wouldn't look good and I'd have to wear a beanie or cap until it grows out. But now, I hope it doesn't grow out too fast!>_< #hairproblems haha!:))

Sunday is here and that means a new week is upon us! I'm glad it didn't rain so much yesterday. Hopefully today as well! Happy Sunday, Folks!


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  1. Ava!! so pretty!!! I like this look on you! Minimally polished! <3

  2. you look so posh and sophisticated ava!! this look compliments your hair <3


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