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by - October 29, 2013

Despite it being a holiday today, I must say that it wasn't a rest day for me, but a busy one. No complaints thought, because it was a productive Monday and I enjoyed it with my family. :)

First, we went to Bonifacio Global City to attend the Promil Pre-school Hamazah Launch and participate in biggest interactive mural painting activity. But I won't elaborate too much about that here, because I want to share it with you guys on a separate post, so you can see how much fun it was!:)

 photo IMG_2264_zpsc1599373.jpg
 photo IMG_2265_zps351722f8.jpg

But instead, I do want to talk about one of the things I encountered there that I consider very important in life and that is SUPPORT. At the event, they talked about how significant it is that parents support their children in order for them to grow. True enough, I think the support of our parents is something that we will always look for, because we can never be truly content without their nurturing. 

But aside from our parents, I think everyone deserves a support system. I don't think I can ever go through life without people I love supporting me. I won't get far and I would burst out, that's for sure. 

 photo otd0ct_zps778778d1.jpg

Cos, think of it, can you ever go through heartache easily without the help of your true friends or even parents? Could you ever survive grief or losing a loved one without the help of your family or friends again? Lastly and simply, can your bad vibes or bad days go away quickly without a good pat on the back and someone listening to your endless rants? No, right? I know I've gone through all those and more and I couldn't have made it without the support of my friends and family. 

So I am really thankful for the people in my life who have supported me all the way and believed in me. Because honestly, I think saying "I support you!" is worthless if they don't genuinely believe in you. Especially in your chose endeavours. You have to mean it from the heart.

 photo IMG_2262_zps500f9347.jpg

dress: paradise treats
sandals: ezra // zalora
infinity bracelet: concordia's love
watch: watch factory

So yes, support is something every person needs. No one can live life and say that they don't need it. You're crazy if you think you're that tough. 

Anyhoo, hope you all had a great long weekend. For those who voted, I hope you voted wisely!;) Wishing everyone a happy week ahead!
And with that, I leave you with a song related to this entry!


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  1. Awww I love this blog post! So meaningful... and timely with my situation! Haha you guys are part of my support system. Would go crazy without you. ♥ See you more often, babe!

  2. cute outfit!! and i love this song haha :)
    The Teenage Queen


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