Washed out

by - October 29, 2013

Do you ever go back to the past and realize you miss some of the things or people in it so much? I personally do. Especially during my idle times. It makes me wonder what could have happened if those people or things are still my life now. Would it be better or would I be happier? I really don't know since it remains in the past. The only thing I know is that I miss them.

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For some reason, I feel melancholy right now. I'm not sure how it came about. I was just at school the whole day and those thoughts poured in and then now I just feel sad. But I guess there are reasons why the past is the past and you cannot bring it back. Makes me wish we had one ticket, even just one to let us go back to a certain time that we wanted. That would be awesome, right?

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Sorry for the "Back to the past" kinda post. I'm having a shoulda-woulda-coulda moment for some reason. Excuse me for that. But I guess I'm not alone when it comes to feeling this, right? Anyone else?

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*thank you catch for the photos!*

denim jacket: esprit
top: mango
earrings: avon philippines
necklace: sm accessories
shorts: giordano philippines
wedges: gold dot

But seriously, if I had the chance to be with the people I lost in the past again, I really would take it. It feels like such a waste losing the good people in your life. 

That's why always value the time you get with your loved ones. Make use of each time in a positive way and just embrace each moment. Cos sometimes they're hard to get back.


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  1. love this look! :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

  2. Yes, I really miss certain people in my life, too. There are times when I remember happy memories we had together. But then I remember why things happened to be; why we had to drift apart; why certain relationships had to end.

    Sometimes, it's better to leave the past behind and concentrate on the now. Cherish what you have; cherish those who stayed; cherish those who are genuine:)

    The Teenage Queen


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