Global Hand washing Day Celebration

by - October 20, 2013

Aside from the many events and celebrations we have in our country or the world, it never quite dawned on me that there was such a thing as Global Hand washing Day. But because of Unilever Philippines' strong commitment to this program [my first encounter of Global Hand washing Day], it has actually opened up my eyes to reaching out more  to our community. 

The company is targeting to teach proper hand washing to 3 million children nationwide. That may seem a lot, but because of Unilever's noble goal, it has gained the full support of local global partner UNICEF, and local partner agencies such as the DepEd, DSWD, DoH, Philippine Public Health Association, Fit for School, Inc., Knowledge Channel and the City Government of Manila. 

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Awesome artwork to celebrate this day!

To kick off the movement observed around the world, Unilever launched a commitment event at Aurora Quezon Elementary School in Manila. To be honest, waking up early isn't one of my best qualities. I sleep late cos of the things I have to do and of course having a baby doesn't make that easy, so waking up early is a drag for me. But I thought this day shouldn't be about me. I should think about what I can contribute to this already great plan.

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Fashion icon Apples Aberin and Neal :)

When I got there I saw how big the event was with all the kids, media and known personalities were present, it felt overwhelming and all the more I was happier to have woken up early and be a part of this. It would have been such a regret to miss this. Being around people who care is just an awesome feeling!

But I was a bit anxious cos we were going to teach the kids how to wash their hands and I was scared that I might forget a step! haha!:) Thankfully, I had time to recall them!

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Tuesday Vargas and Zaijan Jaranilla 
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But before that, there was a demo led by celebrity host Tuesday Vargas and popular child actor Zaijan Jaranilla where they did the detailed seven-step process of proper hand washing.

 photo IMG_2398_zpsd544b07e.jpg
VIPS pledging their hands to save lives!
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We have to admit that most schools, wether they are public or private often lack soaps in their comfort rooms, so it is difficult to maintain clean hands and we all know how dirty our hands can get due to the many things students have to do. I think it's something schools should look at more. Which is why I truly admire how determined Unilever is with their commitment of improving the lives of Filipinos. That day, they also donated 6,000 Vaseline bar soaps to Aurora Quezon Elementary School. For me, that is a step to help the children there.

After the program, the volunteers (like us bloggers, students from DLSU and UP, Unilever staffs) got to try out teaching a few of the 1,000 students present at the school to wash their hands the proper way with soap. :)

 photo pyh_zps2412efbc.jpg
Step 4!:) hehe

It felt really really really great that I was able to teach them even for a short while. It was a priceless, moving and heart-filling experience for me. I am hoping that this is actually the start of a habit to dedicate a part of my time to good causes. :)

Thank you to Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Chito Macapagal for teaching us more about this advocacy while we were at the tent. He is absolutely dedicated to this and has many plans. He shares with us that through a simple habit of regularly and properly washing our hands with soap and clean water, we can actually put a stop to death causing diseases such as Hepatitis A, measles, Influenza, Diarrhea and respiratory diseases. 

 photo 1377321_10151919283766092_760132696_n_zpse8bf429a.jpg
Sarah, Me and Paul with Sir Chito Macapagal :)

You too can take a part of this commitment too, so I am urging everyone to join and volunteer to teach proper hand washing to children at and for more live updates you can check their Twitter: :)


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