Sweet Serendipity

by - October 21, 2013

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There are times when I wonder if I am living my life the way I want it to. There have been plenty of regrets in the past and those are the things I can never take back. I have to live with them. But of course  I've already accepted those and I'm alright. Besides, whatever mistakes that happened in the past, they're actually a good learning experience. 

I also know for a fact that some people judge or criticize me behind my back. It may hurt for a day or two, but then I shrug them off, because they don't matter. They will continue to gossip whatever I do. Anyhow, I know my plans and I have a good support system with me and that's my family and really good friends who will always believe in me. 

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But if there are unfortunate events, there are also things in my life that is mostly made up of sweet serendipity. It started when I got pregnant with Athan and then with Asher. It may not be the best time or they may be unplanned babies, but they are certainly the happy kind of chance. Through God's help and grace we made it as a family.

Aside from that, this blog has also helped me in many ways. It's also a part of my happy chance. I never knew that what through my years in blogging that I would achieve quite a few things and I'm incredibly grateful for all those humble achievements. :)

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neckalce: envy c/o zalora philippines

So, yes, there are times when I wonder if I am living my life they way I want to. But even if it doesn't always go the way I want to, I know I'm living my life the way it should be and God has plans for all of us every step of the way.

There may be challenges and people who will always criticize. But just remember to be strong and don't worry too much about what other people say. You may fall on your feet, but just get up, move on and know that your life has so much more purpose. You just need to find it and when you do, you'll feel content and happy.

As for me happiness is being able to live this life. It's not perfect. It has its bumps and roller coaster rides. But I wouldn't trade it for anyone else's life. :)

And with that, I leave you with my happy song right now...

And I’m doing just fine
I’m always landing on my feet
In the nic of time
And by the skin of my teeth
I ain’t gonna stress
Cause the worst ain’t happened yet
Somethings watching over me
Like Sweet Serendipity
Sweet Serendipity

I don’t ask for a lot
No nothing more than I need
Because I love what I got
Don’t need to play the lottery
I just want to be strong
At the end of the road
I don’t want to hold on
I want the strength to let go

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