A little uncertain

by - October 18, 2013

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vest: sm ladies fashion
dress: mossimo
bag: suiteblanco
flats: cole vintage

There are some days when I feel uncertain. One day I would feel less sad that my Angkong is gone, because I know he's in a better place and he's much happier there. But there are other days when I still think about him a lot. Especially when I'm idle, then i'd feel a strong pang in my heart. I guess it's normal since it'll be only be a month when he passed away. I miss him so much. But I am just trying to look forward to every single day, like this Sunday, we'll be visiting him at the temple for All Soul's Day. We wanna be able to focus on him more, so we're going a bit earlier instead of November 2 to also avoid the hustle and bustle. I love visiting him. Makes me feel closer to him.

Anyhoo, i'll try to make this less sad! Sorry about that! Got carried away!:) But yah, about my outfit, don't you hate it when you wanna dress up, but  you end up with a messy closet cos you can't seem to find the perfect outfit or mix and match the right way?? Well, I'm quite uncertain about my outfit combination. Does it look, alright? I'm not sure! Haha!=P But I guess it's okay.

I am so happy it's finally Friday! Today has been a busy day and the worst commute of my life! Gosh! So many people out today and the lines are soooo long!! Taft to North Edsa ang peg??O_o But I'm thankful Athan and I made it out there alive! Plus, being with him made it more bearable cos I had someone to talk with. :) BTW, I might do a little giveaway soon, because one of my sponsors has been so gracious! Stay tuned for it!

TGIF! Happy weekend, everyone!!:)


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  1. Your Angkong's just there, still taking good care of you even if he's not physically present. Just pray for him, he'll continue to guide and love you ♥ Stay strong, love! Aaand it was great to finally see you again last Thursday! BITIN!!! More chika on a date soon, can we? :) Great outfit btw!!


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