Halloween 2013!

by - October 31, 2013

Halloween is over already, but I think this is one of the best Halloween celebration that Athan experienced in 5 years. :) Oh and of course, this is also Asher's first Halloween celebration, so it's something we looked forward to. :)

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I guess I can say this was one of his best Halloween yet, because he actually celebrated it twice. The first one was last October 25 at his school. :) It was a great 2nd quarter exam ender too! They walked to  the nearest house (which was their classmate's house) and had Trick or Treat there. :) It was really cool, because you can see that the kids prepared for their costumes. But they weren't allowed to wear any scary ones, so Athan went as a "Power Ranger." :)

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Judging by his face I know he had fun. :) I actually thought this was already going to be his Halloween celebration. But a co-worker of the Hubby was nice enough to pass one to Athan and I her Toy Kingdom ticket. Hence, Athan's second Halloween fun!

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We spent the whole day today at SM Megamall for the Irregular Halloween Adventure. It didn't start all that well at first, because there were a lot of people and we stayed in line for about 3 hours cos the venue couldn't accommodate that much people. I was on the verge of quitting and thought i'll just buy Athan a toy, so he wouldn't get too upset. But of course, I wanted his permission. He said No. haha!:)) For some reason he got intensely patient with this one, so I waited as well and finally after all the waiting, we got our turn! Yey!:) He played a few games, but we didn't stay for the show anymore. It was way too crowded and Athan was already content that he got to go in, play around and got some treats!:)

As for our costume, I didn't really know what I would wear, so I just went dainty and pa-sweet with a lace dress and cupcake accessories. The boys, however, went matchy-matchy with their soldier outfits. :) Check out Asher's walkie-takie!

 photo IMG_2737_zps54c1d67d.jpg

To be honest, activities like these sometimes get me too tired and worked up. But when I see how happy my kids get, I don't feel tired anymore. I'm actually more focused than they are on getting them treats! haha!:)) At least when they grow up, they would know that I never allowed them to miss out on the good/fun stuff and I was there with them. :) That's what truly matters.

Well, that caps off our Halloween 2013! How was yours?:) Would love to hear all about it!

Now, I officially say HELLO November!

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  1. Awwww you are such a sweet mommy! :)
    huhu share lang.. Sadly, I was never taken to any trick or treat events :(
    lol but anyhoo, super touching ng post na to for some reason :) really left my heart in the right place.
    Asher and Athan are really blessed to have you. Im sure they will always remember you as their mom who loved them more than anyone ever could.

    And can i just saaay, you and your sons are such a cutie!! love the cupcake outfit. :)

    The Teenage Queen

  2. Awww such a cute post!! Happy Halloween to the babies from tita Arnie ♥ Glad they had fun!!


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