Mango Rocks It up!

by - October 30, 2013

Mango has been my favourite brand since I was in high school and it's no doubt that you can find really  fashionable and chic clothes and accessories there. I can't get enough of their stuff, which is why it's so great that their flagship store in Mall of Asia is finally open again with a bigger, better interior and housing the brand's Fall/Winter '13 line. :)

But before stepping foot inside the store, guests and media people were all invited to take a seat and watch the fashion show that they prepared.

 photo IMG_2666_zpse632f774.jpg
Live band performance by Taken by Cars :)
 photo mng_zps7dfc47e6.jpg

Since the Fall/Winter '13 collection is influenced by the grunge and rock 'n roll, the line incorporates several unique features; Stark houndstooth prints coincide beautifully with structured capes, beat-up jeans, leather jackets and skirts. Tartan patterns and floral prints are also seen during the fashion show.

 photo IMG_2295_zps532ad866.jpg
 photo IMG_2296_zps9a4382f9.jpg
 photo IMG_2297_zpsa0fa8c59.jpg

What's great about the flagship store is that it showcases a lot more than women's fashion. They now have H.E. by MANGO, MANGO Sports & Intimates and my favourite of them all, MANGO Kids! How awesome is that?? They finally have a line for kids! I was actually surprised but I was more excited, because now Athan and Asher can have more stores to shop at! We can even go matchy-matchy!

 photo IMG_2288_zps8e232a52.jpg
We should all look like this when going to the gym! Yes? Yes!!
 photo IMG_2291_zpsbf2569ce.jpg
Mango Kids!! Girls!
 photo IMG_2293_zps49ef2157.jpg
Mango Boys!
 photo IMG_2300_zps92934390.jpg
Go Matchy matchy!

I find the miniature versions from the women's collection, aptly called the "Mini Me" line to be solo cute!! If only I had baby girls! This has to be done! More mother and daughters should do this while their kids are still young and oblivious to their mother's schemes haha!

 photo IMG_2303_zps786bf5cc.jpg
Aubrey Miles, Hunter and Troy Montero

The show ends with the lovely couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles walking the runway with their son Hunter. :) Just goes to show Mango is the perfect fashion destination for people of all ages and lifestyles!

If you haven't been to Mall of Asia lately, here's a little view of the newly opened Mango store!

 photo IMG_2327_zps04b7e1df.jpg
 photo IMG_2305_zps63f795fb.jpg
Spotted: Ana, Paul, Tracy and Sarah :)

It's a whole lot bigger than the previous one and I am really loving the interior. Huuuuugggggeee!! More lights and organized racks. I can freely move around too! Just look at how happy the blog friends are! 

Presenting the are we all ladies are familiar with!:) The women's section! Here you can also find TOUCH premium accessories. I so covet the bags!

 photo IMG_2306_zps8e51b16f.jpg
 photo mng3_zps942902c8.jpg
 photo IMG_2308_zpsa98c5e21.jpg
Love the leather jacket!

For the ladies who are into grunge fashion, this season of Mango is definitely meant for you. :) Infuse effortless style into your wardrobe with these. Plus, I think Mango has really nice classy and timeless pieces that you can keep on mix and matching. :)

 photo mng2_zpsf18aef63.jpg

For the Men's, you can find a lot of coloured pants and shorts. Many types of jackets and I saw they have suits too! They have a great selection. There's more, so better visit them to see. ;)

 photo IMG_2319_zps9935e363.jpg
 photo IMG_2320_zpsa3f9dff3.jpg

And for the sporty ladies who love going to the gym or yoga, they now have this as their refreshing addition. :) I'm digging the outfit on the mannequin, looks super comfy!

Mango also have intimates as well to match your already pretty Mango clothes. :)

 photo mng4_zpsdeead464.jpg

And finally!! The Mango Kids area!!^_^ This is sooo cute! Every time I look at it, I still find it very new. It's like looking at my Mango clothes only they're so tiny! I can't wait to bring Athan here. :) I hope he likes it as much as I do. :)

 photo IMG_2312_zpse1fdabf5.jpg
Niche and Paul :)
 photo IMG_2316_zps8353dc9c.jpg
Christine D., Christine L., Me, Arnie, Nicole, Krissy, Yuki, Jackie, Ana and Angela :)

The MANGO flagship store is already open at the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia. :) 


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  1. wow, that is huuuuge! i'm loving the bags section too! i'm sad i missed this one because of sickness..


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