Promil Pre-School Child Prodigy: Hamzah Marabella

by - October 30, 2013

Did you grow up watching TV and seeing Promil Pre-School's gifted child commercials? I sure did. I saw them over and over, because I was such a TV addict as a child. Haha!:)) One of the Promil gifted child that amazed in the 90s was CJ de Silva. She's was and still is an amazing painter of our generation.

But going back to the present, Promil Pre-School is still known to recognize children with exceptional talents and nurturing their gifts as well. For the generation of today, the outstanding child artist is none other than 12 year old, Hamzah Marabella. :)

 photo IMG_2601_zps818fb183.jpg
Hamzah Marabella :)
 photo promil1_zps276fbb02.jpg
His awesome works!

Would you believe that the early age of 2 years old, Hamzah Marabella would observe his father paint and started having the knack for art? And as young as the age of 5, his outwork "Bounty" was auctioned off for a whopping HK$60,000! Imagine that! Aside from that he has earned more than 50 awards, he is considered as one of The World's Youngest Art Prodigies and is the youngest member of the Artists Association of the Philippines.

It's truly amazing that a kid like him has a photographic memory and translates the everyday things he encounters into striking works of art. As you can see his work, it has a lot of fish tinderas or fish itself. It's because he see's a lot of fish folks in their hometown Cavite. 

 photo promil2_zps1c1ab13d.jpg
Athan and I :)
 photo IMG_2602_zps74461bca.jpg
Athan with his best buddy Niche!:)

With its long-standing thrust of encouraging Filipino children who have exceptional talent, Promil Pre-School recognized Hamzah as an Outstanding Child Artist in an event called. "IMAGINE NATION" that was held at Bonifacio Highstreet. 

Aside from commeding Hamzah, Promil Pre-School also allotted this day for all the other kids to join in the biggest interactive mural painting activity. :)

 photo IMG_2624_zpsdcdf8566.jpg
 photo IMG_2641_zps6b540f9c.jpg
Hamzah with his parents, Wyeth people, CJ de Silva, Dimples Romana and talented kids!

But before the actual painting activity, Hamzah revealed to everyone his latest masterpiece and this was actually what they turned into the big mural for the kids to paint, together with himself, CJ de Silva, Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 2 host Dimples Romana. 

 photo IMG_2606_zps9b8c2175.jpg
Huge mural! Look at the excited kiddies!
 photo IMG_2613_zpsc0544006.jpg
Hello ecstatic-to-paint little boy!

This was really exciting for the children present at the event. They kept wanting to jump in the mural and paint before it even started. Athan was one of those kids!:)

 photo IMG_2647_zps2d8205db.jpg
 photo IMG_2654_zpse550d3b4.jpg
 photo IMG_2655_zps905f1d0a.jpg
Go my little artist! Paint away!
 photo IMG_2656_zps775d50f5.jpg

And yey! Almost done! I'm so proud of Athan, because he painted a lot during the event. He didn't want to leave anymore!=P So Artsy Fartsy Jr. of him!;) We weren't able to see the finished output of this, but I heard they were going to display this in different venues in the metro. First stop will be the the left entrance of Eastwood Mall Open Park in Quezon City starting October 31 to November 14, 2013!:) Excited to see the work of all the kids and Athan up!

Through all this, Promil Pre-School hopes that they can inspire and encourage even more Filipinos to nurture their children's talents and inspire a new generation to develop their talent and potential towards excellence.

I'm really glad that Athan and I went to this event. It was a major eye opener on how important it is for parents to nurture and support their children. With our active role in developing their gifts, it's no doubt they'll continue to grow happy, inspired and talented. :)

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