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by - December 22, 2013

When it comes to massages, you can say that I am a huge fan of it and I believe that I am a deserving person to have it twice a month, because of the kids, work and school. But sadly, that doesn't happen too often due to the fact that massages requires at least an hour or two and can give off an oily feeling. So, it isn't really best if I still need to do errands right after. Fortunately though, I experienced a new massage place that surely made me happy. :)

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Manila, meet the Foot Massage Lounge!:) It's owned by founder of Posh Nails, Cat Ilacad. I'm sure you're wondering why it looks so different from the pink and violet colours that Posh Nails is known for and is usually appealed to a female demographic. But for the Foot Massage Lounge, Cat wanted something different, so she did a boutique hotel type with black and gold Victorianesque interior that can appeal to the mean as well. :)

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The place gives you a feel of a lounge, club vibe that can really relax you and attract you to come in. :) The rooms in the Foot Massage Lounge are for singles, couples, and for groups of five and the family room which can accommodate six. In each room, they have a customized recliner chairs, your own TV and they provide you with USB, so you can choose your own movie. Very private and relaxing! You can actually have a pampering date with your friends or spouse here. :)

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They have two kinds of massages, One is called the signature massage that lasts for 75 minutes and covers the whole body including the feet. The deluxe massage lasts for 60 minutes and focuses just on the feet.

The massages are a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and hammer-type pressure massage, the last one being good for blood circulation.

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I had the signature massage and it was nice, because first I got asked what kind of pressure I want and if I would like a male or female therapist for the service. The massage is actually a dry massage ( you don't have to take your clothes off). They use a special type of balm, no oils and greasy/sticky feeling, so you can still go out, go on a date, party or go back to your work. I got massaged on my head, back and legs. But of course the main focus was on the legs and feet. It was so relaxing that I was on the verge of sleeping! You don't get the usual set-up in other massage lounges that are crowded and noisy. At the Foot Massage Lounge, you truly get quiet, private, comfortable and world-class pampering. :)

I do a lot of walking and driving so this day of feet pampering was THE best and for only Php 600. I say it's worth it. :)

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I also got to bring Athan along. He was just busy playing with our iPad on the recliner chair beside me while I was having a massage. Still a perfect place to be at even with your kid and you just wanna unwind.

Your feet work hard to take you to the top. It is about time to treat them to a relaxing journey that is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and sole. ;)

Foot Massage is located at 
2/F Forum South Global Bldg. Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City


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  1. It looks comfortable! I'd love to take my grandparents here! Thanks for recommending it! :-)

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