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Some of you may know that 3 months ago, I lost my grandfather and only father figure to stomach cancer. It was a really tough battle for him. He tried his best to fight the disease, but it was just too strong. When we found out that he had cancer, it was already stage 4. He only lived for 3 months since that dreadful news dawned on us. Nevertheless, we're thankful that we still had the chance to take care of him and fight along with him. I still want him to live up to this very day. But that would be selfish of me. At least now, he's cancer free and happy in heaven. :)

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Right now though, I want to talk about a different kind of cancer and it's the type that concerns all of us women; breast cancer. In 2010, 1.5 million women were told they had breast cancer and new cases come up every single day. Just like the Tamparong sisters, the trio behind the fashion brand Spruce, were quite shaken when their mom, Maridel was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

Maridel was healthy and energetic. She ate right, and exercised regularly. It didn't make sense. The family then realized how randomly, and mysteriously cancer chose its victims. Fortunately, they had time on their side. Maridel has now been cancer-free for 3 years.

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 And so with that story and overflowing of gratitude of the Tamparong sisters, they decided to give back and spread their blessing. This is how their brand Spruce came to be a passionate advocate for breast cancer awareness, and this is how Spruce's Pinked Collection came to be. 

Just like the cute Akiko flats I'm wearing above, it represents my identity and my style. But like I always say, I prioritize comfort, which is why I love that Spruce believes that we should never wear something that hurts, no matter how pretty it looks; this is why their Pinked Collection was born--a selection of stylish, but comfortable footwear. After all, loving your body is taking care of your body, so nothing should hurt! :) This is a combination of their love for fashion and empowering women and helping them realize that they can fight breast cancer.

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A percentage of the proceeds of each pair purchased will fund Thrive, a breast cancer awareness group, which has made it its mission to remind and encourage the city's womenfolk to be more vigilant about their health, and to have their breasts checked regularly. 

This is a great advocacy and the shoes are affordable as well! You get fab shoes and you're even helping out. That is just pure bliss!

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vest: ema
dress: giordano philippines
necklace: bell charms
flats: spruce ph

 I know my grandfather had a different kind of cancer. But generally speaking, cancer is the worst disease that anyone can ever have. It was a really difficult phase for my family and grandfather. Seeing him having a hard time and so sick was heartbreaking. His fight may be over, but he fought well. It has taught me to love my body more and stay healthy for my family. For them, I wear PINK.

For the ones out there who are battling this disease or if you have loved ones battling it, all I can is, never give up. As long as their is hope, please do not let go. Fight until the very end. It's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be hard and draining. But in the end it'll be worth it. I promise you that. :) Always have faith and pray.

To know more about Spruce and their Pinked Collection, visit their accounts:



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  1. cute flats!


  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, ava! I really hope they'll find cure to all kinds of cancer soon so no one will ever pass away cos of it :(

  3. I love this look babe! So prettyyyy!! <3 <3 <3 The shoes are gorgeous as well.. bagay na bagay sa dress! :)


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