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by - December 03, 2013

Bloggers United is just 4 days away!!:) I can't believe it! I'm really excited for it. I've actually packed up everything that i'll be needing and selling during the bazaar. I'm gonna give a little sneak peek in the days to come, just so you can see what i'll be selling. Do stay tuned for that!:) 

 photo IMG_2400_zpsd924518a.jpg
 photo IMG_2401_zpsb0b0ddcc.jpg

Aside from what i'll be selling, a good friend of mine, Danika Navarro will also be bringing her brand NAVA at Bloggers United 6 and will be selling there!:) You can find a lot of cool items there and one of which is the sweater I'm wearing. It's pretty, right??:) Definitely a classy piece!

But the exciting part of that all is, every customer who will purchase at least Php 1000 (regular priced items) from the NAVA booth during Bloggers United 6 will immediately get 10% discount! Awesome right?:) You also don't have to go to the mall to buy stuff from them. Do your Christmas shopping in one venue! So don't miss the chance to catch NAVA this Saturday!:)


 photo IMG_2402_zps61f2aca2.jpg
 photo IMG_2405_zps224b0c53.jpg

These are currently my favourite accessories; my huge daisy earrings and animal print bag. :) Funny story about the earrings, It took me almost 20 minutes just to decided if I'll be getting them vs. the smaller pair I saw. I loved them, but I feared they were too big and people might just stare at me. They're unconventional if you're not a blogger or into fashion.  I tried picking a slightly smaller one, so I wouldn't have to be shy. But then again, I figured why give in to what other people find "normal." It's good to be different. We should be happy when we're unique from the crowd, don't you think?:)

So to cut it short, don't give into your fear. :) I know what I just talked about above is about a pair of earrings. But in general matters, if you're not stepping on anyones feet and what you like is a good thing and makes you better, then feel free to do it!

 photo IMG_2397_zps10163d10.jpg

sweater: NAVA
skirt: ensembles
bag: SM Parisian
earrings: forever 21

Anyhoo, thanks to the people who already joined my #BU6 giveaway! I'm really ecstatic to see all of you again! Old or new faces, I'm always pleased to see you! Please do come by my booth and lets chat! I'm a chatterbox, I swear! Hehe. :) See you soon!!


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  1. Love this outfit!! Super nice ♥ See you on Saturday beb!!!


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