Instax Christmas!

by - December 17, 2013

For the sentimental person like me, Christmas is definitely the time that I would like to capture sweet memories. There's just so many of them! I remember back when digital cameras weren't invented yet and I had a film camera. It was pure joy just taking so many photos and waiting for my films to get developed. :) Of course now that times have sped up, not much people use cameras with film. But for me, nothing beats the old school way, so I'm really thankful that FujiFilm went back to producing more Instax cameras and no need to wait for those captured memories cos you'll have them in a snap!:)

Just like last week, my fellow bloggers and I were able to take a lot of photos using our Instax cameras during the Instax Holiday 2013 party. :) Oh what fun that was!

 photo IMG_3845_zps6fed491c.jpg
 photo IMG_3838_zps9ba5e21b.jpg

We had our Christmas party at Aria Cucina at BGC and the place was just filled with the Instax Mini 8.  Instead of Santa Claus, you get to take your photo with the huge white version of the Instax Mini 8. How cute,  right?:)

 photo IMG_3839_zps444c0055.jpg
 photo IMG_3837_zpsc2896ef3.jpg

I love how almost all of us have the Instax Mini 8 and in different colours too!:) Beb Ana also brought along her sister's old school Instax 210. This is really cool cos it has a much bigger film than the usual. :) Perfect for barkada pictures or big gatherings. :)

Arnie, Christine and I are soul sisters with our Instax Mini 8 babies. :) Can you guess who owns the blue, yellow or black?

 photo IMG_3840_zpsbdf53079.jpg

We got served yummy and not to mention a healthy dinner. We all can't get enough of the Arugula with smoked salmon salad. Too good! *craving* The iced tea tastes good as well!

After our delectable early dinner, we had fun Christmas games courtesy of our lovely hosts, Paul and Mikee!:)

 photo IMG_3841_zps869849fe.jpg
 photo IMG_3842_zpsd3de14f8.jpg
It was filled with laughter as you can see on the photos. =P We played previous to this and our team lost. But no hard feelings! We're happy for the winners! It's all love here!

 photo IMG_3846_zps8496601c.jpg
The FujiFilm Cameras :)
 photo IMG_3843_zps96ae486f.jpg

Oh and for those ones planning to buy or give Instax cameras as a gift this Holiday season, you'll be happy to know that they've created a special package that already has the Instax Mini 8, 20 films and a case for your camera!:) I'm not sure yet how much this is yet. But I assure you that it's a gift worth giving!;) This is the perfect time to spoil your loved ones! 

 photo IMG_3844_zps151edb78.jpg
Instax Holiday 2013!:)

Had an awesome time at the Christmas Party. :) I have more Instax photos from the event and I can't wait to fill up the last few pages of my planner with them!:) 

Thank you, Team Instax for the wonderful 2013! Looking forward to 2014!

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