It's more beautiful with a Red Ribbon

by - December 15, 2013

Christmas is just 10 days away! The countdown has officially begun! With that, I'm sure some families have started doing their Christmas shopping and even picked out what ingredients or food they'll be needing for Noche Buena. Christmas can never be complete without the yummy and festive food we share with our loved ones. But of course, after eating the main course like Christmas ham, Queso de Bola and Pasta, you end it with sumptuous dessert.

One of the desserts that Filipinos love to serve during Noche Buena is the all-time favourite Black Forest Cake. I remember growing up, we would buy our Red Ribbon cake as early as December 23, because my Mom would be so scared to run out of the flavour she wants. =P But aside from Christmas, I also love Black Forest cake on my birthdays!

 photo redribbon_zpsb77c3b4a.jpg

With even more chocolate shavings, chocolate filling, and a chocolatier cake, Red Ribbon's Black Forest cake can now be enjoyed by both the kiddies and the kid at heart. :) And it's just in time for the holiday season! This will definitely make your celebration sweeter and even more special. :)

But let's not forget that Christmas is not always about us or what we receive. We need to value the people around us and know that the main reason why celebrate Christmas is because of God and love. :) Even Red Ribbon can show you a good value this Holiday season!

Watch Red Ribbon's animated short film entitled, " A Red Ribbon Tale" Si Emman at ang Chocolate Forest" and let it take you on a heart-warming story about sharing that will surely entertain you and your kids, and remind us again why celebrating Christmas in the Philippines is really the best.

It's a cute story and I love the animation. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching!:)

Christmas is happier when the family is complete. But sometimes there are instances that cannot be helped and your loved ones have to go away or abroad. Don't worry though! Red Ribbon still finds ways for you to make them feel special and remembered this season. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-15at124255AM_zpsa7da0547.png

You can also make this holiday as sweet as the chocolatier Black Forest Cake for your loved ones who are far away by sending them one of Red Ribbon's Christmas e-cards for free! These e-cards can be downloaded from Red Ribbon's official website and without a doubt, your loved ones will feel the sweetness even from miles away. :)

After all, "Whatever the celebration, it's more beautiful with a Red Ribbon. " ^_^


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  1. This reminds me... I just had Brazo de Mercedes from Red Ribbon yesterday. Red Ribbon cakes are staple na sa amin during Christmas! :D



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