Blue crush

by - January 15, 2014

Truth be told, this isn't my favourite week. To start it off, my Sunday ended up from good to bad. It happened so fast that all I could do was cry and keep quiet. It was a petty thing to be sad about, but sometimes you just can't help yourself and you breakdown. It's just one of those days. To add more to it, I actually have deadlines to accomplish and two horror professors to deal with. Thank God I don't see them on Fridays. Basically, I just want this week to be over.

Sorry I'm just babbling away here, but today is officially a Wednesday and you know what that means! Hump day! Only two more days and we're all getting a break from school and work. Time for that much needed R&R! 

 photo IMG_2521_zpsadf13da5.jpg

Sorry for being such a ranter. I feel that I just had to get that off my chest and since this is my blog, I thought it would be a good start. We all get our bad days and it's best to let the feeling go rather than keep it all tucked inside. After this, I promise to just move on from feeling bad and face everything with an optimistic and happy disposition. For as long as no one ruins it, of course. =P

Anyhoo, wore this last Sunday to a pretty chill date with the Hubby. We celebrated our 79 month as a couple. We still haven't celebrated our 1 year marriage anniversary, which was last January 11, so I don't know how that'll go. Hopefully a happy one. :)

 photo IMG_2522_zps45d6200c.jpg
 photo IMG_2524_zps1c0c11c4.jpg

As you can see, I'm living in my Birks again. I can't help it! They're soooo comfortable. If you have a pair, you'd understand me! So yes, I wore this to my Greenhills date with the Hubby and can I just say that Greenhills is one of my favourite shopping destinations? I love how I can find cool stuff there that I rarely see at other malls.

Do you like going to Greenhills too?:)

 photo IMG_2518_zps635995ba.jpg

dress: giordano philippines
bag: marc by marc jacobs
keychain: artwine
necklace: simone's closet
sandals: birkenstock

Well, that's all for now. Wishing you all a great day ahead. Don't forget to join my giveaways:

It's the last day of Tokyo Tokyo today!


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  1. Dont worry ava, you can do it! We all have our own nightmares, but we need to be strong to be able ro overcome them. You can do it., :)

  2. Great post! I think you would love our selection of vintage dresses :)
    Becky x

  3. So pretty Ava!! I love this very cozy outfit!! <3 And ohhhh the sandallsssss <3

  4. Hold on tight babe! It's just the start of the year. More more beautiful things will come. :"> See you next week.


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