I dream of genie

by - January 12, 2014

Have you ever heard of the TV sitcom back in the 60s/70s called I Dream of Jeannie?:) Well in case you haven't, here's a LINK to Wikipedia just so you get the idea about my entry title or outfit post. :) 

I really didn't have any intentions of dressing up like a genie. I swear. When I picked out this midrib top, I thought since it's quite tight already, I should balance it out with a loose bottom. Hence, the not-so constricting-genie looking pants. =P

 photo IMG_2506_zpsb135b9b9.jpg
 photo IMG_2510_zps96bcedd9.jpg

But would you agree that if we had the chance to all have a genie with 3 wishes we'd take it? I know I sure would. But of course, what wishes would I make? Well, for starters…

 #1- I wish I could travel the world with my whole family. That would be such an adventure!:) Plus, I won't be missing anyone back home cos they're all with me!

#2- I wish that all our troubles in our country would go away, like the Yolanda victims to be fully recovered, politicians would be better and someone we'd look up to and for people to have greater job opportunities whatever position they may be in life. Why this wish? Because I think when things are better around us, people tend to be more happy and more optimistic. Then, we can have a much better country to live in. Not that I'm complaining. I love the Philippines. I just think there's room for improvement. :)

#3- I wish to have more opportunities in life may it be with blogging, work or lessons in life so that I can learn a lot and gain experience. There are so many things that I want to do and accomplish in life. I really wish that I could be as successful as I hope to be.  ^_^

 photo IMG_2512_zpse39c12f6.jpg
 photo IMG_2514_zpse603b166.jpg

Now I wish genies do really exist! Hehe! But they don't. Still though, that doesn't mean we can't have our wishes. :) If we believe and work hard enough, it isn't far that we get what we want in life. It's just a matter of taking it to heart and believing that we can get it. Slowly but surely!;)

 photo IMG_2511_zps7bda5125.jpg

top: paradise treats
pants: zyra
sandals: cmg philippines
necklace: landmark
bag: oilily

How about you? What would you wish for if a genie suddenly appears to you?:) Hope you can share it with me. I Would love to know!

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  1. I love how casual yet stylish this outfit is! Cutiiieeee!
    And wow, you're so sexy ha! I wish I could wear a cropped top like that one din. =)) HAHAHA


  2. You look so adorable, Ava! Well if Genies were real I guess my three wishes will be:

    (1) Help me set up a social enterprise so I can use it as my own poverty alleviating tool to help the poor communities in our country

    (2) To help me empower more women to be confident and to reach their dreams

    (3) To finally meet the man of my dreams. Hehe <3

    You look adorbs btw. And I used to watch that show. It had reruns in Studio 23 when I was younger :)


  3. I'm sooo sure all your wishes will come true! You deserve it love! Miss you lots!!!

  4. All the best, ava. Hope all your wishes will come true!

    I love the pants btw, it looks so comfy and cool!

  5. So pretty siiis!!! I love this look especially your shoes!! OMG! crush na crush ko talaga yan! :D


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