Casual glam

by - January 29, 2014

….If there is such a thing, I thought at first. So I just had to search on Google if there was such a thing as "Casual Glam" and what do you know, there is! And here's a little info about the fashion…

The art of mixing casual clothing and glamorous elements effortlessly. Plain, Every day basics including cardigans, tees, jeans, sweatshirts, etc are combined with statement handbags, excessive jewelry, embellishments, and eye catching footwear to create a very lux yet relaxed look.
I don't feel like dressing up tonight. I'm going Casual Glam.

Just something I picked up from Urban Dictionary. ;)

 photo DSCF2001_zps95b79dee.jpg
 photo DSCF2002_zps7eb20a6a.jpg
*photo from Christine Liwag and Paul Chuapoco* :) Thanks, loves!

Top: forever 21
shorts: edc
bag: zara
necklace: landmark
hair by BLO Blow Dry Bar

Truth be told, I was suppose to go all-out glam. I originally laid out this top, a flouncy skirt and 2 inch heels. Unfortunately though when I tried the skirt on with the top, it wasn't as fitted as I wanted it to be. It had a slight space on the waist and that was a big NO-NO for me when it comes to tucking in my top. I want it to be perfectly fit. So, I opted for plan B and that's the good ol' shorts and my Birks!;) I just had to add on a statement necklace and earrings cos I know I was going to attend the opening of some stores at the new Mega Fashion Hall and The Spa at Shangri-La. :)

Do you, guys think I pulled it off? I hope so! I think I'm more of a casual chic expert than super dressy outfits. At least it's wearable on a daily basis, right?:) Oh and did you notice my bouncy hair? It totally matches my Casual glam look. I love it and it's all thanks to BLO! I'll tell you more about it in my next post! 

Anyhoo, despite the headache, I'm having a good week so far. I hope it goes on! Wishing you all some good vibes along the way! Hump day is almost over! Which, reminds me I got to finish some things for school again. Good night!


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  1. Hi Ms. Ava! I saw you yesterday at the SM Ice Skating Rink opening, I wasn't able to say and have a photo with you but you looked stunning as always! Hope to meet you again soon!

  2. Your plan A is so me. Sometimes, heels won't fit in every occasion. Especially when you walk more. That's why we have a hidden flats inside our bag. Haha Agree with the wearable part but would wear your plan B in a high waist shorts. Haha I'm a girly-type of girl. :)


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