Sunday I'm excited for you

by - March 15, 2014

So, I'm really really excited for this coming Sunday. I normally don't want Sunday to come cos it would automatically mean that Monday is just a day away and school would take over. But this Sunday is different. The Holi Festival would be happening in the afternoon and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert at night!^_^ But what makes those two events amazing is that I get to spend it with three of the people I love most in the world--My Hubby and best friends. :)

 photo IMG_2574_zps5381a02c.jpg
 photo IMG_2569_zps342d447b.jpg

The start of my weekend was already amazing. I spent the day also with my two best friends the whole day, just stuffing ourselves with food!:) A day spent with them is always a day spent well. Main reason why I believe that Sunday will be amazing! Double date as well!:) The thought of it just gives me good vibes and happiness! I hope I don't jinx it with all this talk! hehe!

Speaking of good vibes, don't you just love the colour of my pullover? I super do!^_^ It's my favourite shade of purple and all throughout the day, I just felt so much good vibes when I wore this. Perfect outfit!

 photo IMG_2573_zps564e64c3.jpg

And for the happiness part, a month back I started this 100 Happy Days project on my Instagram. I was afraid that I couldn't keep up with it cos you have to be happy for 100 straight days. Truth be told, on the 9th day, I already had something really sad happen to me, but I still managed to be happy. The project somehow helped me cope up little by little. It showed me that I can be happy even with the smallest things. So far I'm already on day 34. I'm proud of that. :) 66 days more to go! I really hope I make it till the end. Of course when it's over, I won't stop being happy. I'll just continue appreciating my life. :) It's a really fun and happy project. Have you tried it?:)

 photo IMG_2567_zpsd867c468.jpg

pullover: Little Nook
shorts: elle girl
shoes: CMG
necklace: gift from sister-in-law

Well, that's all! I am wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead of you!:) 


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  1. This is what I call, nice and comfy clothes! I love the whole ensemble!


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