20 days left

by - April 01, 2014

It's finally April 1st!! I can't believe it's officially my birthday month and only 20 days left till my actually birthday!^_^ I'm not too excited to be turning 25 years old, but I am excited for the new year ahead of me. A lot of things happened at 24 and the beginning to somewhat latter part of that was sad. So I just can't wait for the new things ahead for me. :)

 photo IMG_3155_zpsa17e5728.jpg
 photo IMG_3156_zps65235927.jpg

There are still so many things I want to accomplish at the age of 25 and I hope I have achieve those before I even reach the age of 26 or 27. I already made a short list and added them to my bucket list. :)

[] Finish College
[] Gain 100 pounds
[] Travel domestically; Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, etc.
[] Travel abroad; Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Europe
[] Travel somewhere with my boys
[] Attend a craft class; rubber stamp making, calligraphy, watercoloring and more!
[] Blogging; Work with big brands or stores 
[] Finish The Happiness Project Book
[] Eat at Vikings
[] Get my dream job; PR or within the fashion industry
[] Own a cute albino hedgehog
[] Attend a Barre 3 or any fitness class
[] Watch the sunset
[] Finish my 100 Happy Days Project
[] Dye my hair purple
[] Spend a day at an orphanage and bond with the kids

Those are just a few things on my mind. I'm sure i'll be updating this again soon. I know some are really petty. But that's why its a bucket list! You list stuff you want to do or achieve before you die and they may be whatever you please--simple or complicated!:)

Aside from the Bucket List, I remember making my Birthday Wish List!

 photo IMG_3158_zps4a145097.jpg
 photo IMG_3157_zpsba7a7a09.jpg

vest: penshoppe
dress: paradise treats
beanie: forever 21
flats: zalora-Ezra

Aside from that, I believe there's so much to be thankful for when a new year comes along. The mere fact I get to live another year is just a blessing. :) Can't wait!


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  1. That travel thing! I like that too but I have to save save more. Haha That working with big brands too. Aside from SM, I hope I can collaborate with others too. Yay! and dying your hair to purple? That would be cool! Like Yeng Constantino ba? By the way I like the dress so summer na talaga! :3


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