What's in my bag?: Vovarova edition

by - April 02, 2014

Being a woman on the go and a mom of two isn't an easy job. There are times when I would have to go on errands with both my kids and of course, I simply cannot just leave the house with my essentials in my bag. I would have to pack up my kids stuff as well. Imagine I would tote around with me 2-3 bags. That's not really ideal for me. Especially on Fridays when our car is coding and can't accommodate too many things on my arms, since I do have to still carry my youngest one.

Luckily, I have already resolved this issue and just with a simple bag that I discovered. :)

 photo IMG_2599_zps6f5f8380.jpg

If you remember my OOTD last week, you would have already seen my Vovarova bag. I mentioned there that I have found a new go-to bag, because it's the perfect size for all of my things. You have to agree that us women go through a lot with our handbags; accessory, companion, comfort zone, shield and refuge. Hence, it's an indispensable part of a woman's arsenal in whatever field or endeavour she may be in. 

Which brings me to my point that, nothing beats the tote bag that has many uses and investing in a reliable brand can prove wise in the long run. :)

 photo IMG_2601_zpsdca06249.jpg
 photo IMG_2602_zps1341c1da.jpg

I love tote bags. It's one of the styles of bags that I like to carry often and discovering Vovarova is just heaven sent! Not only is it reversible, it's lightweight--sparing me from the unwanted bulk as it leaves all the load to my daily-haves and you can't deny that the bag is practical and quirky. I have an option to show which side of my handbag to show; grey or paisley?^_^

I also like the fact that it has zippered compartments, so even if the bag itself doesn't have close with a zipper, I can still put my phone or wallet inside the zippered compartments to keep them safe.

So, now i'll show you exactly what's in my Vovarova Bag. :)

 photo IMG_2603_zps9963b943.jpg
 photo IMG_2610_zps85ded395.jpg

I like my stuff organised, so I have pouches for the tiny things in my bag. It's easier to find things if you have them. :) But of course, my stuff aren't the only things that can fit. Like I said, I have to bring my kids with me when I go out sometimes, so I also carry their essentials with me. May it be a baby bottle, water jug, extra clothes, snacks and more. I can carry it all in my Vovarova Reversible tote bag. :)

 photo IMG_2611_zps1e880d5b.jpg

Even with all the stuff in my bag, you can see there's still space for a few more. :)

Aside from the Grey/Paisley design, Vovarova carries a lot more designs and styles to choose from. You have the...

 Carry All

 Although detailing, contour, texture and embellishment may change from season to season, the outlines of these useful accoutrements have remained as they were since times past; a testament to the enduring usefulness of a lady’s handbag: from the daily working tote, sling bag, holiday carry-all, traveling valise or the party clutch, this essential companion is not merely an accessory but an extension of its wearer’s persona.

Designed with the collaboration of arts infused into products, the weekender is also the perfect summer and beach partner where you can easily stuff swimwear, sunglasses, sun blocks, hats & headgears, plus flip-flops and sarongs.

 Reversible Totes

Vovarova’s reversible tote bags are also spacious and ultra-trendy. This fashionable daily companion for ladies spells function and fashion to the hilt. You can choose from any design and/or detailing from its Travelite collection to suit your mood or wardrobe for the day.

Vovarova’s global distribution network includes territories like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Denmark, and the United States.

In the Philippines, Vovarova tote and weekender bags are readily available at the SM Mall of Asia, SM Makati, SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Aura, at the Le Grand Terminal 3, in Fashion Rack Baguio, the Travel Club, in Lady Bug, at Urbanize Gateway, and at the Shangrila Plaza Mall.

You can also follow them at the following more updates:



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  1. Sooo cute! Inspired to do a what's in my bag post also! Thanks for the idea. :">

  2. Pretty prints! I'm seriously attracted to that blue polka dot carry all, and the pink reversible tote. :)

  3. cute bags especially those pink and polka reversible one! Can I just say I dig you pencil case, coin purse, extra purse, and wallet?. they're so freggin cute! :)


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