DIY: Popin' Cookin'

by - June 24, 2014

Aside from not doing so much OOTDs, I also haven't Vlogged in such a long time. I think the last serious Vlog that I did was 4 months ago, though I promised I would try to do at least one every two weeks. That didn't happen. So, finally here's a new one! I did a little tutorial on how to work on your very own Popin' Cookin' set. This goes out to people who are into these Japanese DIY candies and of course to the ones who joined my ongoing giveaway on Instagram. :)

This is my first ever Popin' Cookin' set and since I don't Vlog a lot, please excuse the amature video. =P I tried my best and I think I fairly demonstrated how to work on this certain kind of kit. I'll try to work on my next set better!

For now, I hope you enjoy this!

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