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by - June 22, 2014

Hi everyone! Its been awhile yet again since I last did an outfit post. I don't really know why it takes my forever to update, but I can't seem to find the time to take photos lately. I can take Instagram OOTDs, but I always forget or don't feel like taking legit OOTDs for the blog. I blame the weather. It makes me feel lazy. -_-

Anyhoo! I finally got the chance to have my photos taken courtesy of the Hubby! Thank you for the quick shots! I mean really quick, because we had to leave already for the grocery. Heee!>_< 

But even if we were in a rush, I just had to make sure I get my outfit shot, because I really love the colour combination of my outfit. :) If you read my last entry, you would know that this is a mix of the California Dreamin and Flights of Fancy collection of Plains & Prints. Their new collection is really fab! You'll see these two and more on their racks starting June 26!:) Don't miss out! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

So, last week has been a series of ups and downs. I was quite busy with school cos of our case study and report, then come accounting, I have to start memorising how to do Manufacturing and Corporation accounting. It's giving me a headache, but I'm trying to replace all the negative thoughts with positive ones, like "i'll be finish with this term in 2 months time", "just keep working and you'll see the fruits of labor at the end" and finally the overrated, yet it works-for-me-mantra, "good things come to those who wait!" I know after all the piled up school work, I will graduate eventually. I promise myself that! Just a bit more patience and more more push!

Top and shorts: Plains & Prints
Sandals: LeBunny Bleu
Watch: Swatch

On the bright side, Athan has survived his first week of school. His Dad and I are so proud that he has no absences nor excessive tardiness since the week began. We've struggled with being unpunctual a lot in the past two years due to my school schedule and having a new baby (Asher). That's why now we've adjusted, we promised ourselves that we will make this a great school year for Athan. Hopefully he'll receive awards again or better yet, enter the top 10!:) I can't believe it's his last year in preschool. Sigh… Where did the time go???:'(

Like I placed on the title above, this will be random, because I don't really have a consistent topic to talk about. I just wanna share a few of things I discovered this week and they are…

Luna Specialty Coffee's dessert shots!

They have really good dessert there. This is the Leche Flan Yema. This is costs Php 65. I initially thought it looked weirdly cute in this tiny cup. But to my surprise it was not only cute, but good!:) Hoping to try their Inutak Ube Pandan and coffee the next time I find myself at Fort again. :) 

The Pantone Universe notebook!

I am a notebook junkie. Bring me to any bookstore and the first thing I would look for are really cute notebooks. My favourite from National Bookstore would be the brand Venzi and YEAH! While at Fully Booked it would be Miquelrius, Monologue and now Pantone. I also love going to Muji for their notebooks. :) The one I'm currently using now for my daily reminder and random whatnots is a Muji notebook. So, if you happen to be on the lookout for some really good notebooks, but don't wanna spend too much, go for those brands. My secret is out!>_< haha!

Last is this cool DYMO!

I know this is pretty old school and I'm sure a lot of you kids in the 90s grew up with a label maker. I myself have always wanted one. I remember a classmate of mine making me one single tape of my name--AVA NICOLE TE and I kept that with me for a long time. I didn't know where I would stick it since I valued it too much haha!=P But of course I already lost it. I was only in grade school back then. Now, I have my very own and I can't wait to start labelling. I wanna label everything!!^_^ I really wanted the Motex brand, but I only saw this at NBS. I'm hoping to get my hands on the Motex one soon!:)

Well, another weekend has passed. I hope you had an awesome one. Now it's time for a new week ahead! Wishing you all a happy week! Good night! 


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  1. Hay I had my phase din katamad mag ootd or no one to take mine! Anyway, super cute nung pang label gusto ko nadin!!! :D

  2. Aaaaah! I can feel you! I feel that most of the time plus when I get to think that there's no one to take my OOTDs then I get so tamad :P I love your outfit and the top looks so good on you!

  3. I knew from the looks and color of your clothes, it has to be from Plains & Prints haha Anyway, I like Dymo. How much is it now?


  4. I loooove the color of your top, Ava! And I do remember that label maker. I used to have one when I was a kid and I would put labels on my books and notebooks... It was fun to do :)


  5. Love the color of your top, Ava! Plus it matches your sandals nicely. :)

  6. I love how Plains and Prints has transformed into a sophisticated, yet still girly pieces :)

    Your artsy finds are too cute! I hope school is doing good, and it is nice to have those cool artsy pieces to keep you entertained somehow :)


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