The Royal Treatment + GCs Giveaway!

by - June 06, 2014

Whenever I've had a rough day or hell week at school, I always wish that I either get to treat myself to some pampering or eat my heart out at my favourite restaurant. It's a win-win situation! But of course, nothing beats getting pampered, because it'll help you feel more relaxed and makes you ready for the tough days ahead again. :) When pampering days come by, we should make sure that it's the the kind that's worth our time and money. Hence, you should get THE best from every salon or spa. :)

As for me, I experienced one of the best pampering sessions today and I got the royal treatment from none other than the Princess Hazel Salon & Spa.

The moment I stepped in, the words posh and royalty immediately popped in my head. How can this interior not make you think that, right? Definitely a place fit for a queen or yung gusto lang maging princess for a day like me. Lakas eh! hehe. :)) I wouldn't mind getting always a mani-pedi with a crown on. No, sir!

They have separate facilities to do their services and I love that they value privacy. No customer would feel that someone is invading their space or treatment. :)

This is the place where they do hair colouring and haircuts. :) Not only will you feel like a queen or king over at Princess Hazel, but you will also feel like a movie star! Look at that mirror!:)

What's behind those marvelous curtains? 

Needing some quality time with your boo or BFF? You can bring them over here and you can catch up  while getting your massage done. ;)

They also offer Radio Frequency services if you're interested for some toning and slimming. 

And they have waxing for your eyebrow, upper lip, face, underarm, chest/back, half arm, full arm, half leg, full leg, bikini, brazilian, sphinx and full body. :) Such a lovely room to do it in. Love the wall deco. :)

As for me, I settled for the treatments that I usually have done and that's the good ol' Manicure and Pedicure, but with Foot spa. :)

I was so amazed by their racks filled with nail polish. They have a lot of brands from Orly, O.P.I., Essie, Zoya, and more!:) Oh and if you're interested in nail art, they do it excellently here!

Since they have quite a number of colours, it took me awhile to pick out the shade I want. But I ended up picking Zoya and O.P.I. for my polish brands. :) But next time, I'm eyeing on getting a kiwi nail art. Looks so adorable!!^_^

For my foot spa, I love the quality of service that they gave. I didn't feel any pain when they were cleaning my feet and the cleaning was really done nicely, the scrub was good, the foot massage was soooo relaxing. Thank you for being sweet to my feet!;) Thumbs up!:)

I normally pick light or subtle colours when it comes to my hands. But for some reason I wanted something new today and picked out a really shocking shade of orange! Hehe! It kinda gave me a shock when I saw I saw the final application on my nails. But I've grown to love it and it's the pixie line of Zoya. It shimmers! Too cute!:) 

As for my feet, I will always and forever pick nude! For the sole purpose that I don't want it to be obvious when it chips. Hihi! I really love how clean they made my feet look. If my feet could only smile!^_^

Services and prices. :)

Princess Hazel Salon & Spa is an awesome place to get beautified and relaxation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a royal treatment!:) The quality of service that they gave was beyond my expectation. The staff was very courteous and the owner, Hazel Uy was so nice. :)

Would you believe that even Athan enjoyed it there? I sincerely can't wait to go back!:)

Thank you so much to Hazel and Princess Hazel Salon & Spa for making my stay worthwhile. :)

If you're around the area of Quezon City or from the South like me, here's how you can commute or find Princess Hazel Salon & Spa…

Take the MRT and go down Quezon Avenue station
Once you arrive at Q. Ave, go/cross to the side where McDonalds and 7-11 is
Go down there and ride a tricycle; tell them to take you to Crossings Department store (Php 20 only) :)
If you still don't see the brown building- Pacific Century Tower, you can ask the guards from Crossings Department store and they will happily point you to the right direction (that's what I did! haha). :)
Once you get to Pacific Century Tower, go to the 2nd floor and find unit 203!:)

Of course, after having only praises for Princess Hazel Salon & Spa, Hazel and I want you to have this Royal experience as well!:) I'll giving away two gift certificates to 5 winners!:)

Each winner will get two GCs and each will have different treatments! Just follow the easy mechanics below!

That's it! Will pick the 5 lucky winners on June 21, 2014! :) Good luck!

For promos and updates, follow Princess Hazel Salon & Spa on Facebook and Instagram!


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