Mystical Florals

by - September 18, 2014

I'm really happy to be updating another OOTD in just a span of two days. It's rare that I get to post more than two OOTDs in a month, so I really can't thank my blogger sisters Ana, Arnie and Christine enough for taking the time to take my photos. :) I owe it to you, gals! 

So, I'm calling this look Mystical Florals, because it's what I wore to the Mystical Pandora launch last Thursday. I actually got this dress for almost a month already, but I saved it for the perfect time to wear and for me that was Pandora. I'm absolutely in love with the print. It's colourful and classy. But there's one thing i'd like to change a little about this look.

Can you guess what that little change is?

If you've been reading and looking at my past OOTDs with me wearing heels, you would notice that I wear this pair a lot. Well, it's either this pair or my nude one. They're both kinda my staple heels for almost all ensemble and I tell myself, I am in dire need of new heels!! >_< My goodness! I've been abusing them too much and I think they're gonna give up on me pretty soon. :(( Sigh.. It's so difficult to part with your favourite pairs of shoes. But every girl needs a new pair, so that's the bright side!^_^ 

I haven't had the time to go to the mall though and scout for the perfect new heels, so I decided to look at the big range of footwear over at :) They have the cutest pairs of shoes from flats to heels! I actually got sidetracked; told myself I'm looking for heels, then I also end up looking at sandals! Yikes!!>_<

But seriously, how can I resist these? Love at first sight!^_^

Another store that I'm looking at aside from Zalora is SO FAB. They have a wide selection of wedges that could be great for events. :) If you have other shoe store suggestions, please feel free to let me know on the comment box below! Would love to look at them!


Dress: Shop Clotle
Necklace: Sm Accessories
Heels: Suiteblanco

Oh BTW, this is actually my first OOTD with violet hair!:) The other one below is the second. :)

But do know I super love these old heels of mine. I thought the colour might me hard to pair with my clothes, but I was wrong. I was able to use to over and over. Hence, I need a new pair cos this one needs a break! So, while I'm shoe searching, this will still be my favourite and trusty event heels!:)

It's almost Friday!!!:) Can't wait for the weekend! Don't forget to join my ongoing giveaways!!


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  1. The classic sheath dress is so flattering on you! Not everyone can pull off that silhouette. :)

  2. So pretty Ava! Looking fresh and gorgeous as always! :D


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