Ready Set Laban!

by - September 20, 2014

As soon as I had Athan in my life, I vowed that I would be there for him no matter what, support his endeavours and make sure he's always happy. I guess that's what every mother wants for their child. Though it wasn't all that easy, because there are times that Athan would get really sick and I would feel helpless, but a mother never gives up and tries everything to get her child better. Another thing that would bother me is how much of a picky eater he is. He doesn't get the proper nutrition that he needs and that just makes it a whole lot easier for him to get sick. 

Fortunately with the help of his Paediatrician, vitamins and especially milk, I can be less worried about him be picky and concentrate on raising him a happy child. :) A part of raising a happy child, you need to have fun activities with him!:) So, last Sunday, Athan and I went to the Glorietta Activity Center to attend the Ready, Set, Laban Season 2 event of Bonakid. 

The event was open to mommies with kids age 4-7. :) Since Athan is 6, it was perfect!

Just seeing the entrance, Athan was already ecstatic on the fun activities he could do inside. :) I myself was curious and tagged along with him.

The kids had the whole activity center to roam free and just play. :) Athan enjoyed the fun bounce a lot!

I believe there were also cool Bonakid prizes for the kids who played at the fun bounce and if they joined the games that the wonderful hosts of Bonakid were conducting. Funny thing is while Athan was playing inside the fun bounce, we randomly got selected to play at one of the games on stage! haha!

So here I am, trying to explain to Athan how the game will go. :)

Finally when he was able to get the instructions, we were grouped into Team A, B and C. :) Athan and I were grouped with the lovely mommies who had their A-game on of Team C! Yey!

The objective of the game was to get more than 13 balls into the circle, because the previous team was able to get 13 in. We had to beat that number in order to win it.

With Bonakid host Drew Arellano :)

I believe in order for your child to be successful in anything that they wanna do, you simply must support them. If they tell you they can do it, trust them and if you encourage them enough and show them how much you believe in their capabilities, they will go far. Even as small as cheering for them in a ball game, like what I did. For sure, they will feel 10x happier and definitely come out a winner no matter what challenges they face.

True enough, with all the encouragement we did, our team won the game!:) Yey!! I personally didn't win anything cos the prizes were for the kids. But seeing Athan so giddy and proud and telling me he was able to get two balls in the circle was more than enough for me to also feel like I won an award. :) It's true that the simply joys of a mother or parents is seeing their child healthy and happy!

After the game we joined there were more new ones that other mommies and kids could join. It was so much fun to just watch the kids and how cute their reactions were. There should be more events like this that encourage family bonding, playtime and health tips for everyone. :)

BTW, they're also having an ongoing audition for the Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban Season 2!

Bonakid is Athan's current milk and I can say it has helped him a lot to cope with his eating habits. :) I can definitely see progress. :)

This event was really a fun-filled day for Athan and I. :) If you also want to experience this with your kids, you can go to the following venues and dates:

SM City Davao Event Center on September 21
Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center on September 28

For those who cannot go to the venue, you may join online at to submit your audition videos

That's it!:) Always remember, Ang batang healthy ay happy!^_^


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  1. Avaaa!! Ang fun naman neto! :) I'm sure pag anjan rin ako, i'll go crazy over their kiddie activities! hihihi :) Anyway, I'm sure Athan enjoyed that day :D

  2. So many fun activities! From your big smiles, I can see both of you had a wonderful time at the event. :)


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