FILED WANDERLAND 2015 Planners + Giveaway!

by - December 12, 2014

I remember the very first time a planner caught my heart. It was six years ago when I first entered college and they gave each freshman a S.Y. 2008-2009 planner. I wrote EVERYTHING in it, because after giving birth, I had become so forgetful and I didn't want to miss out on any important details in my schoolwork and life, so I made sure my planner was with me wherever I went. After that time, I never did survive without one. I went through a series of Starbucks planners and they all served me well. But through the years, I wanted a bit of change and it's such a great thing that I've been receiving quite a lot of planners for 2015. I can very well say that I'm all set for the new year!;)

Among the planners I got for 2015 is Filed's Wanderland planners that comes in DOODLE and SCRIBBLE. :) Some people have been asking me for a glimpse inside the planner, so i'll give you guys a little peek!

First up is the Doodle Planner!

What I love about the Doodle planner is it's basically just let's you be free!:) Doodle alone means to scribble or draw absentmindedly. You can write anything you want on it and you can even color the main planner in any way that you please!:) Just look at mine! I already started coloring! 

It also comes with cool doodle stickers by Ella Lama that you can stick inside your planner and a super cool pen slinger that you can strap onto your planner. :) This comes free when you order your 2015 planner, so be sure to order ASAP since they'll only be doing this until stocks last!

This is just a glimpse of the planner, so expect more when you get yours!:) The Doodle Planner starts on December 2014, so you can already start jotting down on it!:)

Next the SCRIBBLE Planner!

The Scribble Planner is for the people who love typography! It's filled with quotes and pages for you to fill up with your own typography as well. :) It also comes with free stickers and stylomark to hold your pens and mark your page. :) 

This planner is also neat, because you can rearrange the pages just by simply remove the ribbon-bound. Cool, right? :) No more ripping pages!

Oh and for their awesome Christmas promo, you just have to add Php 100 to your order online and you can get your Scribble and Doodle planner creatively gift-wrapped! :)

It will also include a couple of nice features, so check out for more details! In case you wanna give your special someone a gift!;)

And finally! As my huge thank you to you all for supporting my blog, I will be giving away a Scribble Planner to one lucky reader!^_^ Yes! You heard right!:)

I'll be giving this exact set you see below. :)

The mechanics will be easy as pie!:)

1. Follow @artsyava and @getfiled on Instagram
2. Repost/Regram the photo above on your Instagram account
3. On a piece of paper, write your favorite quote as creatively as possible and post it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #AFAxFILEDSCRIBBLE2015
4. The most artsy and creative photo will win the 2015 Scribble planner!^_^
5. Please put your post or entries on PUBLIC view so that I may be able to see them. :)

I'll also post this on Instagram, so feel free to regram my photo there to make things easier!:)

That's it! I'll be announcing the winner on December 25, 2014! Para masaya! Merry Christmas!!!:)


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  1. This is so cute!!! <3

  2. The Doodle planner caught my eye. It's so unique and looks fun to use! :)

  3. My sister has been practicing her typography skills na. I'd go ask her to join this... Sayang lang I already ordered my Scribble Planner a few weeks ago :(


  4. I've know this Scribble planner before, It was really nice and beautifully calligraphed! but too expensive for me just for a Planner :) (you know priorities) that's why I'm joining! :) :)


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