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by - December 15, 2014

Its been ages since I last did a happy mail post and this time I can't help it! So grateful to the wonderful brands for taking time to send me and the kiddos awesome packages!:) Feels like Christmas already at home!

First package I got was this lovely tickled pink basket from Promil Pre-School. Inside it was filled with Nutrissential goodies and a huge puzzle that my son Athan could do. :) He got so excited upon seeing this!

Did you know that recent studies show that 2 cups of milk is optimal for most preschoolers? It is one of the best sources of Vitamin D and Calcium because it is composed of 3 basic foundation nutrients- Carbohydrates, proteins, and Fats. While these macronutrients are present in every glass of milk, the quality of the milk is not always the same.

A good balance of high quality foundation nutrients are needed to unleash the natural potential of every child. It's a great thing though that we had the nutrition puzzle to understand these basic nutrients. :)

Promil Pre-Schol, trusted by generations, is formulated with Nutrissentials- high quality foundation nutrients such as unsaturated fats from plant-based oil, carbohydrates with lactose, and whey protein, which are sourced from the best of nature and strengthened by science.

Today, Promil Pre-School also contains DHA Omega-3, AA Omega-6 and Lutein to help brain development and promote a healthy vision. :)

Thank for this package, Promil Pre-School!


Next up is from Bonakid Pre-School. :) This is Athan's milk right now and I'm quite thankful he finally settled on a milk. He's been so picky in the past that it kinda contributed to his weight loss. :( At least now, with Bonakid Pre-School and a bit of ice in it, he's good to go! Raising happy and healthy kids is what matters to us moms. :)

Thank you for these, Bonakid Pre-School! Athan loves the milk and notebooks!

Oh BTW, were you able to see the last episode of Ready Set Laban Season 2?? It was a challenging contest, but the mom and kids really put their best effort! Congratulations to Mommy Emeth Grace Arim and daughter Yasmene Grace!

More updates and tips in Raising happy and healthy kids on their FB page! https://www.facebook.com/BonakidPreSchoolPH :)


Last, but definitely not the least is my package from Del Monte!:) I got another round of their Bone Smart Pineapple Juice. :) This is actually Lola and I's favorite Del Monte drink. Not only is it made from 100% Pineapple juice, but it is also fortified with calcium as well.

Drinking calcium is a necessity once you hit 30. Now you can enjoy a more refreshing way to take calcium with Del Monte Bone Smart. Very refreshing! Not 30 yet, but it doesn't hurt to start early!;)

Thank you, Del Monte!



Thank you so much again to the brands!:) Hoping I could do another round of Happy mail again soon! Have a great week ahead, folks!


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