The Yabu Don Series!

by - March 25, 2015

If there's one Katsu place that will always be close to my heart, that would be Yabu. It's my and the family's ultimate favorite! And what I love about them the most is that, they never fail to innovate their products. They always have something new to offer and allow customers to drool for. :)

Just recently, Yabu has launched their Donburi sets - The Salmon Don and Katsu Curry Don. Lucky for me and Asher, we got to try both on the same night! What a treat for our tummies!:)

Before our main course, we were served the appetizers; Miso soup, Edamame and Wakeme seaweed. :) Yum!! But what I really was waiting for is the Curry!

Presenting, The Katsu Curry Don!

Would you believe that the one who got a first taste or bite out of this wasn't me? Haha! It was Asher! He could smell how good it was that he didn't hesitate to get the spoon from me!:) I loved this too! The curry sauce and cheese really married well together and it's pure bliss for me! Who knew that the two would go so well!:) The rice was cooked to perfection as well and they recommend that this is best eaten when you mix everything. They also have an option whether you want it Regular, Hot or Very Hot! As for us, we went for Regular first to be safe. ;)

And next, of course, is the Salmon Don!

Out of the two, this would have to be my favorite! The salmon was nicely cooked - it was so soft and still had that nice pinkish color to it. :) This, like the Katsu Curry Don is also best eaten when mixed and you know, it tastes so fresh... like the sea! In a good way! haha! Not exaggerating, but if you love seafood, then you'll enjoy this dish. :) With the rice, they added some fried salmon skin and I loved the crunchy texture with everything else. :) Good!

Aside from the delicious meal, thank you, Yabu for the chocolate ice cream treat for my little one! Just look at that hyper and happy face! ^_^

In case, you're near a Yabu branch today, be sure to try out their Yabu Don Series! It's officially out now! Yey!


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  1. I can't believe I haven't been to Yabu EVER. The boyfriend and I love Japanese food but we have yet to try this. Would love to try the Katsu Curry Don. And btw, your date (Asher) is so pogi! Hehe :D


  2. Always wanted to try yabu, but I'm always sidetracked by other restaurants. Hehe! :D
    Photos looked delish!

  3. Super Yummy dear!! Perfect post.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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