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by - March 28, 2015

Currently nursing a sprained foot this weekend, so I thought i'd blog an overdue OOTD. Had this on my phone for awhile now and I don't know why it actually took me this long to post it. But anyway! Forgetful me! >_< 

How's your weekend going so far? :) I hope it's a whole lot better than mine!

Starting to bring out my summer clothes and accessories!:) I know it's getting really hot already, so I've been wearing a lot of shorts, dresses and I'm trying to wear most of my quirky accessories. Notice my super cute pine tree earrings? Heeee! :)

 dress: paradise treats
beanie: forever 21
earrings: claire's
Sunnies:rayban clubmaster
sneakers: nike
bag: baggu 

I can't get enough of sneakers lately though. I used to be a rubber shoes junkie growing up. But when I reached my 20s, I went for more lady-like shoes, like sandals and heels. But that kinda changed again and I seriously want another pair of Nike sneaks. :) I only have one pair now... -_- I've been eyeing on a particular Nike AirMax style and it's actually on my birthday wish list! And speaking of birthday! It's already next month!! Gaaaaah! I'll be writing about my wish list soon! :)

I'm pretty excited for April. March has been a little tough for me. Especially this week! >_<  I can't wait to move on to a new month! I'm always positive when it comes to new and fresh start! Are you looking forward to April as well? :)

Anyhoo, have a great rest of the weekend!


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  1. Hi Ava! I hope your week and month (what's little left of March, haha) gets better soon. Your birthday month will surely be filled with good vibes :) Love your photos btw! And you said it was in your phone for a while!? Ang ganda ng photos! What phone are you using?!

    Happy Sunday!!

    Reg of

  2. April is my birthday month too! 😊

  3. Super love the summer-y feel of your photos! :)


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