AFA Paints: Best friend

by - April 06, 2015

I started painting on canvas again when this year began and when I did, I had a small canvas and worked my way up. For my current and third one, I got a much bigger one. I initially wanted to do a small one, but National Bookstore didn't have any, so I went for a 16"x16". However, this time it wasn't for me, but a birthday gift for my best friend. :)

I've been experimenting on using other tools for painting on my canvas aside from acrylic. I tried it on my notebook first and seeing that it looked nice, I tried it on the canvas. :) 

My best friend wanted a painting that represented our friendship. At first I found it difficult, because I'm not really good at drawing in super detailed ways. But I figured abstract would be something i'll be good at. :)

This represents our friendship - a heart connected, colorful friendship through the years and the patterns represent all the things adventures and different things we've been through!

Who knew that nail polish, glitter glue and acrylic would go so well together! ^_^ This is my favorite work among the three i've done so far. Hoping I can do at least three more before the year ends. :) 

Can't wait to do more artsy stuff this 2015!


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  1. Yay for artsy and creative stuff! And your piece looks cute, made me feel envious that I can't even draw. Hehe :)
    To more artsy stuff soon!


  2. I guess we're a like! I can see myself to you Ava. You have kid/s, you love fashion, you blog and whatnot. And for this? I'm not into drawing too but loves everything about colors. So I usually do abstract but not ready to gamble my $$$ to paints though you can sell and earn it noh? But not that confident yet. Baka walang bumili haha


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