Sean O' Pry x Penshoppe

by - April 12, 2015

I'm sure most of you have seen Taylor Swift's famous video 'Blank Space' and in any case you haven't... Have you been living under a rock?? >_< But for the majority, I'm sure you have been swooned by the leading man and who wouldn't be?? Those smoldering eyes will undeniably melt your heart! I know it did for me! And take note, not just in the music video! 

How and where did I meet this gorgeous man?? 

Well, he is none other than Penshoppe's newest brand ambassador!:) He arrived last week here in Manila and fans of the modeling world's top star can't wait to get a glimpse of him as he graces a series of interviews and activities for the fashion powerhouse here in our country.

And last Friday, I got the privilege to meet and hug *insert kilig smile here* this 25-year-old stunner at the Press Conference. :)

Unlike his very serious role in 'Blank Space', I actually found him to be hilarious and very down-to-earth. It's no wonder why Penshoppe chose him - this hunk is not just about looks. ;)

"We're proud to have one of the world's most successful male models in Penshoppe's roster of brand ambassadors. As the epitome of good looks and great personal style, Sean is the perfect face to represent our Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which showcases stylish casual wear with refreshing twists that definitely make a statement."- Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe Brand Director

The perks of going to his Press Conference was all of us got a tight hug!

 Will you watch 'Blank Space' again after this? I think you might!;) Hehe. :) 

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  1. OMG!! I'm so inggit to see your photos with my baby Sean. hahaha. chos! Super sayang I missed this presscon!!!! You girls are really lucky to have met him personally!! :)


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