SM Ladies Night

by - April 19, 2015

If there's one thing every girl loves, it would definitely be shopping at discounted prices. There's just something about big red SALE signs that drive us crazy. But in the case of the SM Ladies Night last week, it was bright pink signs that got all our attention!

How crazy exactly?

The first SM Ladies Night happened at SM Makati last Wednesday night and I got there pretty late already and the first thing that greeted me was piles and piles of clothes and ladies trying their best to get the best styles first. My biggest problem was getting my size- small! The ones left in majority was in either large or XL. I would have been lucky if they at least had a medium!

I swear, the whole SM ladies section went topsy turvy! And why wouldn't we get all excited? All SM Woman and GTW clothes were on SALE! 50% OFF on regular items and 30% OFF on items that are already on sale! Wow, right?? The discounts were huge! And to add more, if you shop a certain amount, you get an instant reward- gift certificates! Now, who gets a reward after spending?? 

If you shop the amount worth below, you get cash coupons and you can use that to shop again! That is happiness!

BTW, Thank you, GTW by SM for picking out my outfit for the night!

The low EQ moment! Shopping this much with a reward at the end isn't a crime! Haha! I came out with a Php 3,900+ receipt. Without the sale, it would have cost me almost Php 8,000! Such a bargain! So glad I didn't miss out on this amazing SM Ladies Night! I got to shop my heart's desire!

Fret not, for those who weren't able to go to this one, because they'll be doing SM Ladies Night at different SM Stores, so be on the look out for it this April! :) You wouldn't want to miss this again!

Follow SM Woman and GTW by SM to find out where the next party will be!:)


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  1. That's a GREAT bargain indeed! Aaah, I would have loved to be there. Makes me miss the huge malls where I can find everything in.


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