Oishi Snacktacular!

by - August 08, 2015

Still thinking of how you'll spend your weekend? Tired of the typical places and activities you do? Do you want a unique experience? :) Well, I've got one for you! Save your August 8 to 9 dates and head on over to Trinoma's Activity Center and with just Php 500 you can already enjoy fun activities and tons of yummy treats from Oishi!:)

In case you missed last year's Snacktacular event, I suggest you make time for this! Just look at the line below!

Don't believe me yet? Let me share with you through a photo diary on how my day went there. :)

The Media preview started at 10:30AM today and I was bit late, but in time for the program! The first thing I did was register and I got my event pass, which is also an event map, so you know which booth to go to first + freebie stubs of the stuff I could avail. :) 

 As soon as I got inside the venue, this Oishi Snack Catcher immediately caught my attention, because Slater Young and Frank Magalona was harnessed on it and like the claw machines you see at arcades, the objective is to get as many snacks as they could. Only now, they're literally the claw! :))

I heard Slater Young got 100+ Oishi snacks, while Frank Magalona got 59! Impressive! I personally wasn't able to try this, because no one would watch Asher, so I just claimed my standard 35 pieces if you don't try it out. :) Not bad!

Next up is the Oishi Pack and Pose!

This was so cute!! I actually discovered it, because Asher suddenly went in the booth and picked up a prawn cracker! haha! He looked so adorable! ^_^ I actually have a lot of photos of him in my phone, but of course I won't flood you with it! >_< This can be perfect for your family picture or barkada too!

Team O: Elmo Magalona, Ramon Bautista and Slater Young was there earlier and I know they will be present till Sunday. :)

And you know who else?? Alex Gonzaga, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla!!! So, if you're huge fans of theirs, better be ready this coming Sunday to see the in person!

The other thing that caught my little bub's attention was ice cream! The Oishi O-Twirl! The ice cream is made from Choco Chug milk. :) You can also add Oishi snacks for toppings!

Asher really loved his Choco Chug ice cream! He didn't even share with his Ninang Ana! haha! You too can get this for only Php 20!

We also had the Oishi Slush C, which features Smart C drinks and I super love the Lemon Squeeze! They also have it in Pomelo Grapefruit! :)

This is a perfect pair to your yummy Oishi snacks! Healthy too!:)


I also went to the Oishi Make Your Own Snack to get some Oishi Prawn Crackers flavored with White cheddar! Yum! ^_^ You can pick from various flavors!

And finally, for my favorite booth of them all - The Oishi Snack Shack! For only Php 295, you have 60 seconds to fill up your 2 ft Oishi bag with any Oishi goodies you see on the shelf! :)

This was so exciting and gave me a different kind of adrenaline rush! I remember how Ana and I were already trying to strategize on how we'll fill up our bag in just one minute! Haha! I think it worked, because I successfully filled up my bag without any excess snacks nor was it lacking. It was just right!:)

The activity center was almost covered with everyones Oishi bags!

This day has been an awesome start to my weekend! :) The family and I our giddy with our Oishi loot! We're set for at least a month! More snacking during TV and movie time! Yey! Will also be sharing it to my classmates and students! ^_^ Thank you, Oishi for a fun Friday!

So, have I convinced you to go this weekend? ;)

You can visit https://www.facebook.com/oishi.ph for more info!


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