Manic Panic Review

by - August 07, 2015

Ever since I turned my hair purple, I have been getting questions from people on where I had it done, how long does it last and how do I maintain it. I actually don't know why it took me awhile to do this unbiased review, but here it goes! ^_^

The first time I dyed my hair purple was September 2014 and I did it with the help of experts, because I would normally not trust myself with doing something that extreme and because I don't know how to deal with bleach. Thankfully, the big change I did with my hair got a lot of good feedback from people and since then, I haven't gone back to my pure black tresses. But since my hair is purple, it easily fades and the shade would go from dark purple to magenta in just a span of two weeks. That's pretty fast. I had a total of two retouches and eventually they would go pinkish and to the awful bronze and copper shade that every colored-hair person dreads.

Basically, in a span of three months, I had my hair colored three times and that's three times the bleaching as well. -_- That's how high maintenance it is to have purple locks or any bright/pastel color for that matter, ladies and gentlemen.

But I had enough of bleaching my hair too much, so I decided I would just cut my hair little by little until the bronzy shade would disappear.... Until, I found the thing that would just let me keep my purple strands longer. :)

Say hello to Manic Panic in Plum Passion. :)

*TAKE NOTE: This is my personal experience with Manic Panic and it may vary for other people*

This was how my salon colored-hair looked like last year and how it faded...

The last photo is how I left it before Manic Panic :)

Just so you can compare how the experts did it vs. me! =P Personally, I think the only difference is how vibrant they made it and that's of course with the help of bleach. Don't get me wrong though, I really loved my salon-made hair, but I just couldn't stand bleaching anymore. My last retouch at the salon was first week of December 2014. :)

The Manic Panic jar that I got is 4 fl oz or 118ml and I got from It's a local online store on Instagram and I was so happy I found them! Before Manic Panic would only be available abroad and now, we have local shops that supplies them!:) Yey!

If I remember correctly, this was Php 700 and I thought I was going to consume the whole jar because it was only 118ml. Probably if you do your whole hair it would be gone in just one use. As for me, I only needed to cover my ends and I still have this much until now. :) I have used it for two retouches and I can still do a third one before I get a new jar!

So, if you ask me if I bleached my hair for this - NO, I did not. :) I simply made do with my previously bleached- blonde shade and covered it with Manic Panic in Plum Passion. :)

This was the result of my first ever Manic Panic dyeing experience. I did this last April 9, 2015. :)

And this is how it looked afterwards...

The second retouch I did with Manic Panic was June 6, 2015. When it came to fading, the one thing I was super impressed with my Manic Panic experience is that it doesn't turn pink, magenta or easily go to my old bronze shade. Yes, it fades, but it just goes to a lighter shade of purple.

At present, without any retouches since my last (June 2015), this is how it looks. :) As you can see, it fades much better and for a total of four months, I have only done two Manic Panic retouches as oppose to the three retouches with bleaching. I know my locks are much healthier that way.

Also, some are wondering how I maintain the soft ends despite coloring it frequently. Well, I can only advise this - Condition, condition, CONDITIONER! And lots of it on the ends! It really helps, because it keeps your ends from going frizzy. :)
All in all, I give my Manic Panic experience   I'm really happy with the product and I'm definitely considering buying another jar when mine is finished. :)


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