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by - August 04, 2015

Plains and Prints has been around for a long time and throughout its 20 years in the Philippine retail fashion industry it has partnered with the best and brightest creative people in the world of fashion, styling, and photography.

"We collaborate only with the best and brightest, with those who have made a mark of excellence in their respective fields. And we are so proud of them," states Roxanne Farillas, CEO and founder of Plains and Prints, as she traces back the milestones of the brand.

Rhett Eala, Wig Tysmans, Anne Curtis, Roxanne Farillas and Mark Nicdao :)

The brand has collaborated with big names like Celine Lopez, Rajo Laurel and Randy Ortiz.

Now on its 20th year, Plains and Prints continues to flourish as it showcases the Photo-Fashion Collection of topnotch photographers Marc Nicdao and Wig Tysmans, in a fusion of photography and fashion that exudes nothing but elegance, style, creativity and inspiration.

Get a glimpse of the collection below...

The Photo-Fashion line celebrates the genius of acclaimed lensmen Mark Nicdao and Wig Tysmans by digitally printing choice photographs on the brand's anniversary collection, and coming up with truly special pieces that evoke inspiration and nostalgia.

Anne Curtis wow-ing the crowd with her beautiful Mark Nicdao ensemble :)

Fashion Photographer Mark Nicdao has snapped photos of who's-who in the dazzling sartorial world. But apart from fashion, Mark also loves to shoot interesting locations. 

On a trip to the Rajasthan region in India in 2008, Mark captured the mystery, color, culture, the life, the beat of this exotic destination through his lens. These vacation shots in India are thus the ones to be featured by Plains and Prints for its Photo-Fashion Anniversary collection. :)

Anne Curtis strutting a Wig Tysmans Photo-Fashion dress :)

Fans of revered portrait photographer Wig Tysmans will be pleased to know that some of the snapshots closest to his heart are now immortalized on Plains and Prints' anniversary collection.

These photographs are extra unique because of the special technique Wig experimented with during the '70s. "The photos are captured with infrared film. This means it has a special effect of making the skies really deep blue. Combined with the Baguio scenery of the late 70s and early 80s, it makes for an interesting photo, and now, interesting prints on clothes."-Wig Tysmans

The Photo-Fashion Collection is truly a beautiful one and I can't wait to get my hands on a piece or two... or more! ^_^ The limited edition pieces will be out in all Plains and Prints boutiques this August!

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