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by - August 03, 2015

Being able to say 'YES!' to everything can be difficult at times to us women. Some people have the impression that we're weak or there are some things that we cannot do. But why let those opinions stop us from pursuing our dreams, right? 

Last July 23, I was invited on a date at The Henry Hotel Manila by 'S. I'm not sure if you saw it online, but a lot of fellow bloggers were invited by this certain 'S' as well. Being the curious type, I just had to say 'YES!" to S. :)

The hotel is pretty close by my place, so I was on time for my date!;) Isn't the place just beautiful?

Are you wondering who 'S' is and what this date is all about? :)

A lovely and private alfresco affair with 'S'....

And the 'S' I'm talking about is none other than SILKA! ^_^

The event is all about launching their newest campaign YES SKIN with SILKA and along with this is their new Silka lotion.

Silka lotion comes in two variants - Milk & Honey and the Olive Oil. :)

The lotion with SPF30 whitens, nourishes and protects your skin from sun damage anytime you're outdoor and even on a cloudy day. With Silka lotion, you can now say YES to outdoor challenges, YES to balanced skin, YES to confidence under the sun, and YES to living beautifully. :)

And not only does it protect your skin, it's also affordable! With an SRP of Php 52 to Php 174 (depending on the size/ml) only! :)

Love surfing? Going to the beach? Running or jogging? or your just the type who is under the sun constantly doing the job you love? Silka is here to help you say YES to everything!:) With better benefits but still has a lower price, you can be assured that Silk sticks to what they have always been known for - offering more for less. :)

My blogger friends Reese, Ana and Pax letting us know the importance of never giving up on our passion and the Silka Team telling us what their new product has to offer us. :)

With the blogger friends: Nikita , Pax, Ana, Vina, Me and Chin :)

If you want a healthy, white and protected skin, Silka Premium Lotion with SPF30 is your best choice and it can be your everyday essential, because it provides everything your skin needs!:)

For more information, visit them at:


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