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by - January 20, 2016

In a world with a lot of women who empower each other, it is no doubt that Clark Kent isn't the only one shining his mighty S around. Now, we have Supergirl who can pack a mean punch!

Which is why I am totally hooked on watching this new series on my tablet!

Supergirl is the latest superhero TV series to be added to the huge library of HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service. The show is about Kara Zor-El,  the cousin of Superman, as she tries to get used to a new public persona while dealing with her very real human relationships, realizing her full superhero potential and discovering how she can help the citizens of National City.

“It’s funny because in my everyday life, I have always been such a pacifist, “says Melissa Benoit who plays Supergirl. “The butt kicking is new to me. That’s a new muscle I’m flexing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I liked it.” She also has rigorous physical training, but she loves that she can be a great role model not just for girls but anyone how fearlessness can push one overcome the odds.

Also starring in the hit TV series is Calista Flockhart who plays Cat Grant, the CEO of CatCo World Media where Supergirl works as her assistant. Flockhart has expressed her excitement in the past to work on a show that “embraces… and celebrates Girl Power.” Not that she is any stranger to shows that celebrate strong female roles as Flockhart first gained television superstardom through the quintessential workplace comedy Ally McBeal, wherein she played the titular character. They are joined by Mehcad Brooks from Deperate Housewives as Jimmy Olsen and Chyler Leigh from Grey’s Anatomy as Kara’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers. “I’m excited to be stepping into a show like this because I’m the wild card,” Leigh says. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring something new into what everybody knows already.” There’a also David Harewood from Homeland as DEO agent Hank Henshaw. “In the comics, my character ends up becoming Cyborg Superman, who battles Superman. I’m looking forward to that!”

Supergirl definitely stands out in the superhero genre, and with a diverse talent line-up, the possibilities are reeling. You can catch Supergirl and all your favorites on your chosen Internet-enabled device.  Simply download the HOOQ app from the Apple Store or Google Play, sign up or log in, and your device is ready to access HOOQ’s library of Hollywood and Pinoy films and TV shows – all 30,000 hours worth of it!  Viewing on HOOQ is made even better with Chromecast support, now available on the iOS and Android apps.

Payment methods to continue subscription after 30 days is made easy for Globe users by adding the low monthly fee of P149.00 to your mobile bill by texting HOOQ149 to 8888.  Tattoo Home Broadband users can also get HOOQ’d for free on plans P1,299 and up. Users can alternatively pay through credit card.

Download the HOOQ app now and catch Supergirl. For more information on HOOQ, log on to www. http://www.hooq.tv/ph


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