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by - January 20, 2016

When you pair the hottest love team in the industry with the hottest shoes and bags for 2016, that will surely be a collection to look forward to and of course, what else can you expect from SM Parisian and Milanos, but only the best!

Along with a new collection to hit the stores in the first months of the new year, Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes also welcome two of the freshest faces in local show business to represent the brands in its latest campaign - Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

All hail the king and queen!!! 
Truth, when I went to the event yesterday, I didn't expect even the slightest bit who the newest endorsers were going to be. Though, I was already curious! But my curiosity had to wait a few more minutes and watch a little fashion show before the big reveal!
Waited with my favorite people!

With Mother Earth, Seph, Trice, Paul and Beb Ana!:) BTW, it's Ana's birthday today!! Greet her! ^_^

The SM Store's biggest shoes and bags brand - Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes present the trendiest collection to date. From casual to trendy shoes and bags, the collection includes a reboot of styles, chic inspirations, and sports motifs.

Being a girl, Parisian is the brand that I grew up with ever since I started events blogging back in 2010. I loved the brand so much and would often buy my bags and shoes from them. They produce so many trendy stuff that actually makes you look like a million bucks, but as a brand, they're actually quite affordable or pocket-friendly. :)

Like James and Nadine, Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes are looking towards the young and trendy. Today's shoppers who are as passionate about their looks as in their spending, and values comfort as much as the hottest styles.

So, why did SM Parisian and Milanos Shoes pick #JaDine? :)

 Nadine Lustre is one sophisticated, classy and charming young lady. Well known for her acting chops, she also stands out from her many contemporaries by being well grounded and approachable - a fact that endears her to many of her followers.

Nadine represents today's generation: modern, versatile and beautiful far beyond her physical attributes.

"Bata pa lang ako sa Parisian na talaga ako bumibili ng shoes. Ngayon, endorser na nila ako. :) Super thankful and saya!"- Nadine 

Nadine's fashion choices are as wide and varied as the character she plays. From updated classics to trendy street, her top picks in this year's Parisian Spring 2016 show how she loves to play it up when it comes to her personal style.

Super covet the Leah heels in nude!  The price for the shoes ranges from Php 899.75 to Php 1,199.75. :) The bag designs are all small, because Nadine personally loves small handbags to hold her essentials. Price range are Php 599.75 to Php 999.75. :)

Young, edgy and fun - these words cannot even begin to describe James Reid.

This Filipino-Australian rose to fame after his success in a local reality show, where the audiences got the unique opportunity to know the real person behind the actor. Today, he represents the new crop of young gentlemen - sincere, cool, and an overall great personality that matches his great looks.

Ever the cool dude, James loves the casual styles and comfortable fit of Milanos shoes. He transcends from boy-next-door to ultimate heartthrob with hip styles in blues and browns.

Price rang of the Milanos collection is Php 899.75 to Php 1,299.75. :)

The SM bosses taking a selfie with JaDine! Super cool folks! :)

Now, when you buy a pair of shoes or bags at SM Parisian and Milanos shoes, you not only have the similar taste in fashion as Nadine and James, but you also own the hottest shoes and bags of 2016!

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