Life Succs

by - January 11, 2016

Now, don't go thinking, "Why is Ava saying Life Sucks when it's just the beginning of the year?" By 'Life Succs' I meant Life Succulents!:) I know I'm not alone when it comes to being obsessed with succulents or cacti. Whether it be the actual plant, stickers, home decor or design, etc. I am just in love with it!:) 

Since I have a bit of cactus items, I thought, why not blog about them? :) Yes, I shall!

Cactus keychain

I got this cute Cactus keychain from Typo - the ultimate wasteland! A bit pricey for a wasteland, but it's still one of my favorite shops to go to. :) There are so many Cactus items there that I just wanna snag! But yes, so I got this and decided that it would go perfectly well on my bacon and eggs bag from Herschel. :) Yey!

Cactus printed phone case

I have been on the search for a cute case for Asus Zenfone Selfie. It has been bare ever since I got it and I always feel bad when it would get dirty in my bag. It has a light color, so if it sticks on a paper I wrote on or receipts, it easily gets stained on. But patience never goes out unrewarded and I finally found a super cute case from Fab Manila! The design and color combination is just perrrffeecct!

Cactus pencilcase 

Ever since I started teaching Calligraphy at a school for their club, I accumulated more and more pens. So, I thought of getting a pencil case, because it's getting out of hand. I don't want them scattered in my bag and I also didn't want to put them in my pen drawer, because I have different types of pens and it would be difficult to spot the calligraphy ones. So, I sticked with a pencil case that will only have my Calligraphy pens in them. :) Found this at H&M!

Another Cactus keychain!

I've always wanted this when I saw Neon Island released it during their collaboration with SuperSale. :) They also have the flamingo! Another thing that some people obsess about! =P

Cactus Porcelain home decor

To be honest, I've had two Cactus plants that died. :( Huhu! I still have a lot to learn in taking care of them and maintaining. So, it's so perfect that The Atelier has these cute Cactus plants that will be perfect on your shelf, office desk, computer table or maybe even Instagram posts! Wherever you want to put them, they'll be adorable and bonus, they won't die! :) 

Paper Cactus

Last, but not the least is the Paper succulents! I learned how to make this through Inabina. She's super talented in making Paper blossoms and so glad I attended her workshop, because I was able to learn this and more!:)

So, that's it!:) Hope you guys liked this entry! Next time, i'll try to do VLOGS! I still have to insert that in my time management skills haha! 

Have a great week, everyone!


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