Starting the year light and sweet

by - January 17, 2016

The beginning of the year has been really busy for me with my Mom and sister-in-law being home for the holidays and the double birthday celebration of my boys, it was a handful! But I won't complain, because I had an equally great time with everyone being here and planning the Lego themed party for the kiddos. I'll make a separate entry for that! For now, I want to slide into relaxation all over again and let the rest of the month be light and sweet. :)

So, how's my January so far? After all the hustle and bustle? Well, it's still a bit busy since school started for me again (new term) and thesis meetings here and there. But, on a lighter note, I don't have Saturday classes anymore this term, so I get to spend my weekends with the family now. It feels amazing to reconnect with my boys again. I want this year to be more personal and that means bonding with the people I love. 

I'm sure i'm not alone when creating resolutions, though it may be the broadcasting kind or you just want to keep it quiet, we all have resolutions within us. This year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf helps us start the year Light and Sweet with the launch of their new Vanilla Almond beverages to celebrate 2016. :)

It's time to leave your past behind and start the new year light and sweet with CBTL's newest offering, the Vanilla Almond Latte and Ice Blended beverage.

Perfect for quiet, reflective moments in a cafe or intimate, relaxed celebrations among friends, the Vanilla Almond beverage is a light and sweet surprise that is teeming with flavorful promises for the year ahead. You can enjoy the Vanilla Almond beverage as a latte and let it warm your soul + pair it with a warm chocolate cake! They complement each other very well!

Or if you love drinking Ice Blended drinks, you can also take that drink to cool off during hectic days! 

I got to taste both drinks and personally, if you like eating cake, I think the best pairing would be the Vanilla Almond Latte. But if you just prefer cold drinks like me, I love love the Ice Blended version. :)

CBTL is my favorite coffee shop and it's not a hard to love them, because a.) They have great drinks and food! They have a lot to choose from. ^_^ b.) They encourage people to be optimistic and make life so much more!

Start the year Light and Sweet by creating resolutions that make your life more flavorful. De-clutter your home (have you heard about Marie Kondo and her book about Tidying up?), let go of unhealthy relationships and habits, or start beautifying your space. Resolve to live sweet by connecting with long-lost friends, sending written postcards, or leaving thoughtful surprises for loved ones (give them a Vanilla Almond beverage ;) ). The possibilities are endless. It's just up to you how to start it!:)

Today, CBTL is offering a FREE Vanilla Almond beverage to all their Swirl Rewards cardholders from 10:00 to 11:30AM!:) Make sure not to miss out on this wonderful treat!

Share with everyone your New Year's #lightandsweet resolutions and Vanilla Almond experience by using the hashtag and tag @CBTLPH on Instagram!


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