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by - January 19, 2016

I can't help but used that line as my title. Sorry, not sorry! Haha! >_<

When you hear someone say Magnum, you initially think of their first store at SM Aura or their delightful Belgian chocolate ice cream bars. There's nothing quite like a Magnum bar and even if their store at SM Aura officially closed their doors last July 26, 2015, it shouldn't make you sad. In fact, there are more reasons to be happy, because now, they've finally opened their newest pop-up store! Can I get a "YEHEY!" from all my fellow Magnum lovers? 

Aside from the successful launch of their latest flavor, White Almond, Magnum opens up its newest Pleasure Store in SM Mall of Asia, taking the Make Your Own Magnum experience to a new set of Pleasure Seekers in the metro.

Open to the public since December 19, 2015, the Magnum Pleasure Store can be found at the 2nd floor main wing of Mall of Asia, right across Uniqlo. Keeping true to the pop-up concept of every café, Magnum Manila will be open for a limited time only, so be sure to enjoy a blissfully delicious signature Magnum bar for Php 120 before it disappears without a trace.

What's great about the new Magnum store is that they brought in most of the crowd favorites from their previous store, like the M made out of Magnum sticks, the hanging lights that look like dripping chocolate and more. :)

If you're not familiar with how the Pleasure Store of Magnum works, here's a brief info...

At the counter, Pleasure Seekers select a "naked" Magnum bar of silky vanilla or rich chocolate ice cream, as well as a chocolate coat amongst white, milk, to dark chocolate. Next, sprinkle your now-coated Magnum bar with toppings that range from classic toppings that you'd expect to complement any ice cream like marshmallows or crunch balls, special toppings that are a little more luxurious like freeze dried raspberries or pistachios, or experimental toppings that are more adventurous like chili flakes or sea salt flakes. Finally, you drizzle your creation with a choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate, and the store's Pleasure Maker will top off your creation with a M coin. The finished product, a cold Belgian chocolate masterpiece of your own dreaming, is yours to enjoy. :)

 The real highlight for us during the day though, was to be our very own Pleasure Maker! Now, Magnum doesn't really do this, so it was a very rare opportunity for us and so happy we got to experience this! Thank you, Magnum!! ^_^

So, this is little ol' me trying my hand at being a Pleasure Maker! Thank you to Andi/Andy of Magnum for guiding me throughout the process! I would have panicked without her or the counter would have been a disaster! Lol! =P

Will I go classic or experimental? hmmm!

I picked out Sea salt, almonds and corn flakes for my three toppings and I shaked them like a cocktail! This seriously made me want to sing Jump in Line by Harry Belafonte! You'd get it I've you've seen BeetleJuice. ;)

"Shake, Shake,Shake, Señora, shake your body line! Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora, shake it all the time! Shake, shake, shake, señora, work it all the time!" 

 Happy kid right here! :) Now, I can say that I worked hard for my dessert! Haha! :) 

Some of my blogger friends in action...

Beb Anagon! Followed her with the sea salt topping... Sarap, guys! :)

Ruthilicious with her luscious treat!

Rochelle and her Kawaii bar!

Enjoying our hard work! Whew! Haha!

A special announcement to Pleasure seekers! Magnum Manila MoA is set to launch new limited edition toppings consumers can add to their favorite Make Your Own Magnum bar. Also, for the next three Fridays and Saturdays ( JANUARY 22, 23, 29, 30) and (FEBRUARY 5 and 6), Magnum Manila MoA will be hosting its first ever #MagnumPleasurHour where consumers have the chance to indulge in a FREE Make Your Own Magnum bar. All you need to do is come to the Magnum Manila MoA Store between 6 to 7:00PM and share the promo photo found on @magnum_ph Twitter and Instagram to claim the prize. On top of all these, pleasure seekers can look forward to seeing their favorite Magnum Ambassadors drop by the store.

Don't forget those dates, guys! You can have a FREE Make Your Own Magnum bar and that's a real sweet deal! :)

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