Hearts Day 2016

by - February 23, 2016

I know Valentine's Day has already passed, but I realized that I haven't had the chance to blog about how I celebrated it with my husband this year! We've had a total of 9 Valentine's Day dates and so far, this 2016 is my favorite one. :)

Last February 12, the Hubby came home from work and as usual I was in our room doing thesis on my computer when he suddenly urges me to come out of the door, like something was wrong with our ceiling and lo and behold! He was holding a bouquet of carnations. :)

Not only that, he also had this cute card. He wrote on it from top to bottom, meaning on both sides of the card and the funny part was, while I was reading the first half, I really was close to crying, but as I was at the bottom, I was already laughing so loud, because he accidentally got me an LGBT Hallmark card! Lol! Hahaha! And the funny part was he only noticed when he was almost done writing! >_< It made me love the card even more. :) 

For this 2016 Hearts Day, we decided to celebrate it a day before, because we didn't really want to mingle with the huge crowd. We all know how V-Day is! Everyone just seems to be out!

 Our celebration was pretty simple yet meaningful. We went to our favorite hangout place, Greenhills and first stopped at Chocful cos we were a bit hungry and had siomai and siopao. They have the best! You should try it if you haven't. Then, we went window shopping at our favorite stores. :) Fun fact: My husband is actually the one who introduced GH to me during our boyfriend-girlfriend phase and from then on, I fell in love! ^_^ By night time, we had our dinner at Gerry's Grill. Now, I know you might be surprised... why in the world did we eat there?? It's definitely not a place for dating. Even my husband was surprised that I agreed on this. I think he was just being funny when he suggested it. Because at first he was going for fancy and buffet restaurants when we were talking about where to eat. =P But I didn't find anything wrong with it. It may not be a candlelit dinner, but I felt happy and content, because I got to celebrate it with him beside me. :) We ended the night with our favorite iced coffee from Mcdo. :)

The next day, Valentine's Day itself! We attended an event care of Ayala Malls. We spent a day at their WANDER IN LOVE and Live heART event. 

The new activity center of Glorietta 2 was bursting with LOVE! You can spot the 9-foot Heart of Alessandra Lanot and Mercedes Olondriz, beautiful music serenading lovers, flowers everywhere, and activities for family, friends and couples!

There were a lot of people around, but the main highlight for me was the workshop by Alessandra Lanot. :) She conducted a rubber stamp workshop and I've always wanted to learn how. This has been on my Bucket list for two years! Finally got to tick it off!

Had a double craft date with Krissy and Miah! Yey! ^_^ It's not so often that we get to do double dates on Hearts day! 

Really happy that the Hubby was into this activity and like the Lego fan that he is, he made a minifig head like a PRO!

Miah working on his Batman vs. Superman stamp and Krissy on her magic lamp for Jasmine! ^_^ Too cute, you, guys! ^_^

Alessandra also came by our table and showed us a sample of her newly carved stamp by stamping it on a piece of paper. Just look at the details!

And finally, here are ours! ^_^ I made a unicorn!

Like I said, this year's Valentine's Day was much more different, than the previous years, because I think I would always strive for the perfect date before. I wanted to have it all; the romantic dinner, the big bouquets and extravagant dates. But now, I realized that those things won't matter if you both aren't happy. The essence of Valentine's Day is just to amplify or celebrate the love you have for each other. :) As long as there is genuine love, that's all that matters. :)

Hope you all had a great Hearts Day celebration! Just remember that this day isn't just for lovers, but also for friends and families! 

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