Nivea Sun Summer Kick-off: Day 2 Part 2!

by - February 09, 2016

As mentioned in my previous Nivea Sun entry that i'll be doing a part two of Day 2 since my post was getting too long. But if you want to read about that, click >>>HERE<<< :)

Day two was a day filled with activities. You can say that it was the most important day out of our three day stay at Bohol. After our fun water activities under the sun, we all headed back to Bellevue hotel to get ready for the Nivea Sun PR sessions.

This is my beach-ready outfit! Do you guys like it? ^_^ Got it all from SM!

The PR session was sweet and simple. It was to announce the winners of the water and land games and Nivea treated all of us to a little surprise! 

We all got this super adorable Nivea Doll that quickly turns lobster red when exposed to harsh sunlight. But once you apply Nivea sunscreen on it, it goes back to its normal color. :) The reason why Nivea Sun came out with this is to teach kids on how to take care of their skin at a very young age. We Moms know how hard it is to contain a child at the beach, pool or any trip that requires putting sunblock on them. Asking for 10 minutes would actually create a slight "Awwww mom!! I wanna go already!!" Children are impatient like that! But with the Nivea Doll, they will be more appreciative and know how to care for their skin. :) 

I actually found a short clip of it on YouTube that might interest you!

It is super cute! It got us all going "Awwww  ^_^

The whole Nivea Sun Bohol crew! :) We were many, so imagine how fun it was! Got to meet a lot of new friends and can't thank Nivea Sun and EON PR enough for this awesome experience!:)

After our PR session, we had the free time to go around the beach. 

Got to listen to some music with the awesome natural sound of my Nivea Sun Bamboo speaker :)

The girls - Sarah, Ana, Pax, Me, Trice + the boy - Seph! Haha! :)

With AJ, Seph, Trice, Ana and Paul :)

[ Photos grabbed from Trice and Beb Ana :) ]

We were fortunate that it was low tide, so we could go to the middle part of the sea. Where all of use are standing is actually filled with water during high tide. :)

Of course, I had to bring my Baby girl, which I named VEA with me! As you can see, she turned red because of the sun. Good thing I brought my handy-dandy Nivea Sun with me! :) 

Her and I won't get baked under the sun! Yey! ^_^ Not sure about the exact date, but you can get the Nivea Doll this summer. Just stay tuned on Nivea's FB Page for updates. :) I'm sure your kids will love this!

We spent the day just talking, taking photos and laughing at the beach. Ended it watching the sunset. It was good. 

That ends my Day 2 Bohol Adventure with Nivea Sun! It was an amazing kick-start to my summer and I can't thank Nivea Sun and EON PR enough for taking so good care of us and giving us THE best trip and best protection under the sun! :) A heart felt THANK YOU!! 

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