C2 for a cool and clean summer!

by - March 14, 2016

I've been a C2 drinker for as long as I can remember. My favorite variant of theirs is the C2 Green Tea. I would always buy it in the grocery or convenience stores. My Mom didn't really understood why I was so obsessed with it... until she had a taste for herself, then my whole family followed along! Haha! We would hoard the 1 liter of Green Tea every time we did our grocery shopping. But unfortunately, we haven't been seeing the 1 liter size lately, so we stick with the 500mL. :) 

What I love about C2 is that their tea isn't too sweet. Especially their Green Tea variant. But they have more flavors to choose from now, like lemon, apple, raspberry, and lemon iced tea. :)

 Now that summer is near, it surely is getting hotter! The moment I turn the air conditioner off or get out of the shower, I get sweaty in an instant and one of the best ways to cool off is with my favorite drink C2! 

The hot season is about to get cooler with C2 Cool and Clean's refreshing offerings. Relax, recharge and listen to summer beats in the C2 Summer booths in Boracay and Baler on March 24 to 27 and April 28 to May 1; and Baguio on March 24 to 27.

With every purchase of an ice-cold C2 bottle or any of the limited edition C2 premium item bundle packs, one can relax in the C2 lounge, and enjoy free WiFi access and mobile phone charging.

Vacationers at Boracay can also avail of the refreshing goodness of a C2 Slush that comes in limited edition C2 tumblers. They can take a break from the summer heat with this ice blended C2 beverage, available in Red Tea and Apple flavors.

Drop by with your friends at the C2 Cool and Clean booths at Boracay, Baler and Baguio. Add C2 to your summer for a cool and refreshing experience like no other. 

Get updates via their FB Page www.facebook.com/C2CoolAndClean. :)

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