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by - April 27, 2016

I grew up with a single mother a.k.a. Super mom. Being in that situation means she had to be a mother and father combined. So, she had to entrust me to my grandparents while she worked abroad. Until this very day she still works as hard and I'm thankful for that. I'm also fortunate because she left me with two really good people - my Angkong and Ama. 

I have always been a Lola's girl! Anyone who is close to me knows this. She is my second mother and I wouldn't know what to do without her. She not only takes care of me, but also my children. My mother always told me to appreciate and love my grandmother. Truly, she is one-of-a-kind. That's why when I got my very first job as a celebrity stylist circa 2011 and got hold of my first ever paycheck, I bought her a new phone since her old one wasn't functioning anymore.

She goes out alone sometimes and I also need to be out most of the time, so it's very important that we both get to keep in touch. So having a phone even at the age of 80 is needed! Mind you, she can be techie! She has an iPod, guys! With Sam Smith in it! >_< My Lola is cooler than yours! Hehe!

All of us are Globe users at home and sometimes my Lola can't call me when I'm out, because she runs out of load and more often than not, she doesn't have time to go out to get autoload or prepaid cards. :( Which is why, I'm so happy with the new My Starter Plan of Globe!

With the My Starter Plan, you can turn your prepaid number into a Globe My Starter postpaid plan! How does it work? Globe has made another game changing service by allowing prepaid customers to use their mobile numbers even as they move to a postpaid plan.

The all-in-one budget friendly Globe myStarter plan is available at Plan 300 and Plan 500, designed for customers who are new on postpaid and wants a simple and seamless transition to postpaid. Plus, you get to keep your postpaid number! --> If my grandfather were alive, he would so love this! He hates change and more so, changing his mobile number! >_< Haha!

With the myStarter plan you also need not worry of going over the limit, because it's guaranteed fixed bill every month! 

♥ Plan 500 
-unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM
-300 texts to other networks 
-200MB of data
-free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1GB of data for Spotify Basic

♥ Plan 300
- 300 texts to all networks
-300 minutes to Globe and TM
-200MB of data
-free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1GB of data for Spotify Basic

Now, I can easily convert my Lola's prepaid number into a My Starter Plan and not have to worry if she has enough load or not. With this plan, I feel secured that she can reach me and everyone in our family at all times. :)

To learn more about the Globe My Starter Plan, visit :)

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